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Perhaps it is human nature for one to be overpowered by the desire to disallow those things that are not agreeable to that person. The fairest and most logical solution is to not censor anything. Art is bound to offend many. It is in its nature to clash with what we know. As the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick once said: “I’ve got a peculiar weakness for criminals and artists–neither takes life as it is. Any tragic story has to be in conflict with things as they are.” People are scared when they see things that are new, that change their lives and make them think anew. The backlash is that they try to suppress what frightens them. It is perfectly normal for social and conceptual change to frighten, but censorship is a step backwards in that it prevents us as a planet from

learning more about ourselves. The freedom to form our own opinions and express them is a blessing. Agreeing to disagree is a step that can truly show that we are maturing as a species. Censorship suppresses as much as it can. The trouble is that if someone is interested in what is being suppressed, they will find the whole truth anyway. All censorship really does is anger those who care about the truth, and about the true vision of each individual artist. All art is good for society. Art will continue to surprise and amaze us, even under the pressures of a society not yet mature enough to handle provocative thought in its purest form. Using the word mature suggests that we are on a course that is making progress towards that goal. I hope that suggestion is right because history

has an incredible knack for repeating itself.