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Arrange Marriages Essay, Research Paper Arrange Marriages This article is about a young girl who has been arranged to meet with her potential husband, the girl is from the west and he is from the east they are both from different worlds. Her parents traditions does not meet with her own so she must find away to disarrange the marriage. Arrange marriages do not often work in western counties, is the theme of this article written by Bageshree Paradkar.Many of the women that live in the western world are influenced by its culture and way of life. Many of the women in the western world are now referred to as modern women compared to many of the women in India and China. This is because many of them are now out there pursuing careers and looking for jobs, and do not have time for

a husband or a family. The modern women have little time, for many of them are to busy trying to compete in this fast pace cut-thoart world that the western countries have to offer.In the article the girl express her feelings to her family that she is not looking for a husband and that is only because she is busy enough getting her life together. She agrees to meet with her potential husband because this will make her parents happy and because the fact is she is Indian and must respect her cultural traditions. The girl s parents arrange this marriage only because it seems to them that her daughter is not pursuing a life partner so it is there parental duty following Indian tradition that her parents find her a husband. This proves my point that the women of today have no interest

in a family until they are financially secure, fulfilled all her life long goals and satisfied enough with how life has treated her to then go out and pick the man she wants to marry. Our goals as humans is to eventually be able to settle down with a husband our wife and to find the one person we our compatible with. But we as individuals must also make a life for ourselves before we can make a life long commitment to a life long partner. Many of the things that keep us away from committing is a career, education and finding ourselves. These are the most important elements we must fulfill before getting married.