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Aritficial Intelligence Essay, Research Paper Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence effects our lives in good and bad ways; Artificial Intelligence helps us by causing less work for us to do. A down side to Artificial Intelligence is that it can not think for it self it still has to have some kind of person or other intelligence to control it. The advantages that Artificial Intelligence has are the ability to do work without getting any rest, sleep and food. It has little learning capability of its own but not enough to think on its own. Most computer programs that involve Artificial Intelligence designed to supply both the knowledge and the reasoning of human experts in a given field may well be the consultants of the future. They have already been used in such

diverse areas as mineral exploration and computer manufacturing. As more and more Artificial Intelligence is developed it could be used by nonexperts as well. Artificial Intelligence can also resemble the way a mouse works. A mouse can be used to draw lines, to point, and to circle objects to be moved, transposed, or edited. Once the command has been selected on the screen, the click of a button on the mouse activates it. This Artificial Intelligence, by the computer, is in a way that involves human intelligence with the computer. Some disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence are the fact that the computer can’t think for it self, it always has to have some kind of other intelligence controlling it such as people and the fact that it cannot think for it self makes the computer

vulnerable to malfunctions and shut downs. Another disadvantages is all English language must be turned into numbers consisting of ones and zeros so the computer will understand. Problems that are usually involved in Artificial Intelligence is when the computer is capable of learning on its own and causes situations where our personal information is changed, it will change our lives too. I think that this is an issue because if we allow Artificial Intelligence to get out of hand it could cause situations like this and we wont be able to do anything about it only a professional. In conclusion Artificial Intelligence has good and had characteristics. Good because it makes our lives easier, and bad because of fear of knowing too much that it could destroy us. Artificial Intelligence

has yet to be considered a well thought up idea.