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political structures surrounding Aristotle he became determined to develop a constitution that took all the positive from past political designs and eliminated the negatives. Educating Hellenic youth in a manner that would impress a life of adherence to the guidelines of this “ultimate constitution” was therefore an obvious goal. Aristotle had a strong belief that citizens should be educated in a manner that moulds their minds to suit the form of government under which he or she lives , meaning that every government developed it’s own individual character and the better the character the better the government. Aristotle felt strongly that legislators that did not direct their attention to the education of youth did harm to the constitution. By neglecting to form character

at a young age politicians miss an opportunity to instill the values of true virtue and the desire to live a life in pursuit of eudaimonia. Book VII of the Politics states that each government has a unique character, which is a direct representation of the format of the constitution, therefore creation of a constitution that developed a nation in motion towards the state of eudaimonia was imperative to Aristotle .