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Aries Essay, Research Paper My report is on Ares. He is the god of war and violence and in Norse mythology he was the god of war, violence, and justice. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. His weapon of choice was a spear because it was magical. The magical part of it was he could summon it by call it and the other part of it was if it targeted some one it followed it until it killed it. Among the deities associated with Ares were his consort, Aphrodite, goddess of love, and such minor deities as Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Rout), who accompanied him in battle. The Roman god Mars, with whom Ares was identified, was the father of Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome. Thus he was more important to the Romans than his Greek counterpart. He was also more dignified. It

was said that his throne on mount Olympus was covered in human skin. He was not immortal he could be killed by a human. Most gods, Romans, and Greeks hated him. Though an immortal deity, he was bested by Hercules in battle and was almost killed when stuffed into a jar by two giants. When he was fighting on the side of the Trojans Pallas Athene wounded him. She put on the helm of Death and, after bending his spear, hurled a bolder at him, knocking him down senseless, he received scant sympathy from his father Zeus. The worship of Ares, believed to have originated in Thrace, was not extensive in ancient Greece, and where it existed, it lacked social or moral significance. Ares was an ancestral deity of Thebes and had a temple at Athens, at the foot of the Areopagus, or Hill of

Ares. Once he was caught cheating with Aphrodite and was hung in a net for all the gods to see and laugh at them. He is like a big bully because Ares often picked on the humans and little guys. To commemorate his victory over the assasins of Julius Caesar in 42BC, Emperor Augustus honored Ares with the cult title Ultor (Avenger) and a new temple. “Most hateful to me are you of all gods on Olympus, forever is strife dear to you and wars and fighting.”* He often carried a bloodstained spear. He had over 20 different mates and 30 children. It was said that he always used a heavy set of armor, which had a helm, Breastplate, spear, and some times and shield. Zeus admitted he hated Areas for his violence and aggression Athene was the goddess of war and was a half sister to Ares.

Athene thought Ares’ behavior was just disgraceful. Ares wasn’t the most successful warrior. He was also thought of as a coward and sometimes a clumsy fighter. Troy, son of Ares, killed his father, not in a battle, but with his own cleverness. When Ares heard the clashing of arms, he grinned with glee, put on his gleaming helmet, and leapt into his war chariot. Brandishing his sword, he rushed into the thick of battle, not caring that won or lost as long as blood was shed. A vicious crowd followed at his heels, carrying with them Pain, Panic, Famine and Oblivion. Once in a while, Ares was wounded. He was immortal but whenever he would get hurt he would run back to his father, Zeus healed. Needless to say, Zeus was very disgusted with his son. Ares was mainly worshipped in

Thracia, a region known for its fierce people. In some stories, it was his sister that sparked the Trojan War, for she created the golden apple engraved “to the most beautiful goddess” and gave it to the unsuspecting Paris. His son killed him by cleverness. He was like Zeus because he had reproduced from women and left her. It is said that when took a bath that he took it in blood. His mom and dad did not like him because he tried to kill them to gain power and they did not like how he killed every one. Some people still believe in him and think the he will grant a wish of revenge that if you want revenge just say it and it will come true. Personally I liked him he was cool that he had a magic spear, he loved to kill and he had so many kids and he was the son of Zeus. I don?t