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Arhurian Romances Essay, Research Paper Chretein de Troyes, Arthurian Romances From the Classical age through the medieval age, women were greatly disrespected. They did not have any say in anything and were not appreciated. In Classical texts such as The Odyssey, the women were treated as if they were animals. They did not have the respect of others and some were thought of as whores. In the stories of Erec and Enide, Lancelot, and Perceval, we see a dramatic change in this, due to the system of government that Arthur entails giving them the freedom and rights they deserved. The new man to woman relationship brought about in these stories is very different then the past stories we have read from the classical age. This system gave great honor and respect to women, which

became part of the chivalric code that was followed by the knights and royalty of that time. The courtly relationship between man and woman is the theme created throughout the stories in the Arthurian Romances. The ideas of courtly love and chivalry are summarized in these stories. We see many instances where knights go out of their way to please their woman. Once a knight chooses his woman, she thought of as his chattel, or property. He can do what he pleases with her and she must listen to him or possibly be killed. He respects and loves her as long as she is loyal and faithful to him. If someone were to interfere in his or her relationship, they would fight til death or until someone begs for mercy. The knights fought for the most beautiful and did what they pleased with them.

They fought for them if necessary to keep respect for themselves and for their maiden. This is what the chivalric ideology was based on and so the knights followed and respected it. In the story of Erec and Enide we see how some women affect the lifestyle and choices that the knights make due to their love. The woman was the prize possession to every man. They were won in various games that were played by the knights. Different ceremonies were held to award to the winner the most beautiful woman in the land. We can see here that women were so important that a knight had to prove he was the best at what he did to gain her hand. These types of games were normal in this time since the woman was respected so much more. Competition was also based on who was the most beautiful in the

land. This is where Erec finds his love Enide. He wins the hand of the most beautiful lady on his way to defend his Queen who was disrespected by Ydor the Dwarf. It was Erec s chivalric duty to defend her honor as a lady and the queen.While Erec was at the town he played in the Sparrow-hawk ceremony, which dealt with showing the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom. Whoever had enough gall to present his lady as the most beautiful and handed her the sparrow in front of the town wins. Erec presents Enide as the most beautiful and is approached by Ydor, who thinks his woman is the best. They battled and by defeating him and winning the game, he walked away with his love, Enide. He loved and cherished every move she made. He loved her so much that he gave up his knightly duties for

her. He stopped going on quests and participating in all the ceremonies. But Erec was so in love with her that he cared no more for arms, nor did he go to tournaments. He no longer cared for tourneying; he wanted to enjoy his wife s company, and he made her his lady and his mistress. He turned all his attention to kissing her; her persued no other delight. (pg.67 Erec and Enide)He was greatly shamed by all the knights and nobles for doing this. She refused to tell him about this in fear of his actions. These unknightly actions created problems with him and the other knights. Enide finally tells him the truth about what everyone else is thinking and is blamed for it. He brings her out on quests to test her love for him and in the end believes that she truly loves him and only him.