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However, if a theist read this article, he/she might be very heated after finishing. One who believes solely in the creation of the world by some divine creator would be quite distraught reading these abductions. A theist might make a reply that suggested that science couldn?t at all explain the perfection of the world. They may suggest that the world was not created simply at random, but instead was the project or miracle of a divine life form who wished to give the gift of life to the world he created. If a theist were to argue for the existence of a divine designer he might use the subject of cloning. Through the extraction and reproduction of DNA, we as a society or one as an individual could produce other life forms. Humans, animals, plants and other such living organisms

could most definitely be created with society?s knowledge of DNA. However, the theist might include in his argument that if the DNA that first came into existence were never here any replication would be possible. So, if one were to reproduce a universe by cloning, for example, how would one be able to say that other parallel universes do not as well exist? Following this train of thought, the theist may argue that the divine creator of this universe produced the big bang, much like we would be cloning, thus creating our world and universe. If it would be possible for our race of less perfect beings to reproduce a universe, then clearly it would be easily explainable for a deity to have designed the universe we dwell in today. If the definition of a designer/god were an

intelligent omnipotent and conscious being then the presented theory would fit perfectly. When implemented, the above would essentially suggest that if one were to create a universe he/she would be its designer/god just as we look to our own designer/god, who very well could have created our universe.