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Argumentative Essay 2 Essay, Research Paper Argumentative Essay Should multinational corporations be expected to promote fair labour practices and human rights in the developing world? Some people believe that it is not right that they are taking advantage of the developing world and that they should be expected to and should abide by the charter of human rights. Others believe that the corporations should advantage of the opportunity and do what they believe is best. Multinational corporations should be expected to promote fair labour practices in the developing world. It is true that there is much profit to be made by using the cheap labour to create the product. This leads to the selling price of it much lower for us the consumers, but if the abuse of other children and so

what is the sacrifice, its not worth it. If the children used in their child labour factories were parented by any North American adult there would be no clue that it would not be allowed. The children leaving in the developing world are no different from our own and just because their quality of life is different does mean they should be treated any different. Undoubtedly the fact that the children are paid a fair amount of money to the countries standards, which lets their away-from-work life better. Nevertheless, when children have to work 18 hours a day to gain this does not make it ok. When they are slaving away at their job for so long they have no leisure besides the resting and sleeping periods. And even though the workers in these countries are heavy in quantity and

under the conditions take orders well there is a large amount of unemployed services in Canada and the United States. The only reason these companies would not jump on these opportunities is because in the developed world we have unions and the multinationals will avoid anything that will slow or decrease profit. Research has states that multinationals control over 70% of the world s trade, which means our trade market is run by organizations with huge profits and because they practice slave labour. Is this saying that performing these practices is the only way to get ahead and on top of the world market? Its not and it shouldn t, for every increase in the amount multinationals around, the number of people in resistance, more than doubles. It s a fact, the people don t support

it, and the government does not want to support it either. If no one wants it around, it shouldn t, that s just the way our society works. Another fact is that by the year 2000, 90% of the growth in population will come from developing countries. This means that with this slave labour still continuing the new generation will be corrupt. This is due to fact that during these labour practices workers die, and they get defects from the conditions of the atmosphere. When they have children they most likely be deformed. With 90% of the growth coming from developing countries it is probably increasing, which means the greater and greater amount of deformed children, and adults there will be in the worlds future. In 1990 the United Nations Convention of the Child came into effect. This

was a law passed to protect children from abuse and guarantee access to education and basic health care . The U.S.A. waited and refused for 5 long years, but on February 16th of the stated year they finally came to terms and signed the agreement. With this, 177 countries worldwide altogether had agreed to the convention and were a part of this. The world is now trying to do everything in their power to put an end to disobeying the charter of human rights. We must still resist so that major countries (such as the US) see the effort the people are trying to put out and this can force to them stress it and end this. Multinational Corporations must be expected to and should stress the use of fair human right practices. They have to do so to create a better a place for the next