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Are You Certified Essay, Research Paper The impact of technology in our lives has grown exponentially over recent years. The demand for better, faster, more productive software and hardware equipment has increased the need for more experienced and better qualified IT (Information Technology) specialists. These IT professionals must possess a degree of knowledge and expertise that sets them apart from others in their field. One way industry has set the standard in recruiting such specialized individuals is certification. Certifications are offered in a variety of specialty areas. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer is one of many certifications offered by Microsoft (MCSD). The MCSD is in the area of coding, analysis, debugging and testing of applications. Another is A+

Certification sponsored by CompTIA that certifies the competency of entry-level service technicians in the computer industry. A more prestigious certification is the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, which yields one of the highest salary compensations but is also more difficult to obtain. These aforementioned certifications are only three of the several offered by Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, and Oracle. So what if these certifications are well known to the industry; so what if the companies that are known and respected worldwide back them. Are they the big deal that everyone claims they are? The answer to that is yes, and for several reasons. Becoming certified can enhance job opportunities, assert proof of professional achievement, and increase salary probability.

Certification is a practical means of assessing skills and experience. According to KB Learning Centers, Inc., “Many employers give preference in hiring applicants with certification. They view this as proof that a new hire knows the procedures and technologies required.” For people new to the industry, certification can be used to measure their standing and provide a starting point for building their professional careers. It is also true that many employers and human resource officers will view certifications as a deciding factor between several applicants. For those who are already in the industry certification can help career advancement and compensation. These professionals are recognized for specialized knowledge in their choice of specialty areas. Certification may be a

plus to seasoned veterans when an employer awards job advancements and promotions. Employers are looking for ways to assure they hire qualified people to administer computer networks and design custom applications. Becoming certified is also recognized proof of professional achievement. Membership in a distinctive peer group made up of fellow professionals. These individuals have dedicated huge amounts of time and effort in preparation for the certification exams. Often, when being considered for additional in house or vendor training, certification may be required as a prerequisite, so employers will offer advanced training to those employees who are already certified. As the general public learns about certification, custome?? q ? $ bjbjt+t+ ﷓. A A ?? ?? ?? ] ? ? ? ? ? ?

? F ? @ ^ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? $ * ? 0 v 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 ? ? ? ? ? ; @ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ” @ ? @ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? : š g ? ? ? 4 `s?.-?? › ^ ivity, plus minimize network downtime. Information Week’s Emily Kay notes that “Companies that don’t support certification spend nearly $14,000 more dealing with network downtime and PC support costs.” according to IDC. According to a recent survey by Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group of 1,442 CIOs, seven out of ten companies worldwide are having difficulty in finding the skilled IS staffers they require. And, more than 80% of those surveyed said they expect their client/server expenditures to increase in the following year. So, companies that support employee certification can operate their networks more effectively, plus take