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Archimedes Essay, Research Paper Archimedes Archimedes is by far one of the most important Greek mathematicians and inventors of all time. He came up with a theory of buoyancy, made an accurate estimate for pi, and made great advancements in the field of geometry and warfare. He also invented the Archimedes screw, (which is still used today) the compound pulley, and the catapult. Archimedes was born in Syracuse Sicily in 287 B.C. He studied at the University of Alexandria and was taught by the father of geometry, the great Euclid. Archimedes was smart at a young age and being taught by one of the greatest mathematician of all time, expanded his skills immensely. It was clear that even at a young age, Archimedes was very advanced in the field of logical thinking. When

Archimedes was a young adult, King Hieron II asked him for help in solving a great riddle. The king had given a large sum of gold to a local goldsmith to make a crown. The king was suspicious that the crown was not solid gold, and asked Archimedes to find out for sure with out damaging the crown. Archimedes pondered the riddle for a week, and he began very frustrated. Then one day while taking a bath he noticed that the water rose when he entered and came up with the theory of bouyancy. (otherwise known as Archimedes principle) This principle states that a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by force that is equal of the fluid displaced. Archimedes would be able to use this principle to prove whether or not the crown was solid gold. Archimedes was so excited that he jumped out

of the bathtub and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked screaming Eureka, Eureka! ( I found it ) The crown was proven to be partially made of silver, and the goldsmith was punished. Archimedes came up with the invention of the water screw, otherwise known as the Archimedes screw while visiting Egypt. This pump can be used to move water from one place to another using minimal effort. Archimedes also invented the catapult, which was used to battle the Romans in the Punic wars. Another war machine he invented was a combination of large magnifying glasses and mirrors, which he used to set an entire fleet of Roman ships ablaze. Archimedes made great advancements in the use of the pulley and the lever. As a matter of fact, he had such a complete understanding of the concept of the

lever, that he had a famous quote which bravely stated, Give me a spot where I can stand, and I shall move the Earth. Another principle Archimedes discovered was one that had to do with the relation of a sphere and the cylinder that contains it. This principle states that the volume of a sphere, is 2/3 of the volume of the cylinder that contains it. Although these logical theories were extremely helpful, they might of also been what had killed Archimedes. One day, Archimedes was working out another theorem in the sand, and was so deep in thought that he hadn t noticed that his city was being taken over by Roman soldiers. A soldier approached Archimedes and ordered him to follow him to Marcellas. Archimedes said he wouldn t go until he had finished a problem and worked out a

proof. The roman became enraged and drew a sword and killed Archimedes. Then name of the roman is forgotten, but the name Archimedes is remembered as one of the most important thinkers, inventors, and mathematicians of all time.