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poor are afraid of the police and afraid of dying of hunger they will do whateverthey are told to do. 25. Archetype Identification-Loyal retainer.-Passage-Ch. 20, p. 240. ? Casey lets thepolice arrest him for what Tom did. So Tom can stay out of trouble.? Interpretation-Casey is protecting Tom because Tom is more important to the family. Casey sees this sohe feels he must protect Tom. 26. Archetype Identification- Battle between good and evil.-Passage- Ch. 21, p. 363.?The native Californians do not like the okies and they fear them because they are debtless men who will work for almost nothing.? Interpretation. -The evil has worked it?s wayto everyone. The clerks and farmers are convinced that the okies are the root of all thereproblems. So the Californians make up groups to wipe

out the immigrants. They usemoney that could be used to pay wages to stir up more trouble with the okies. 27. Archetype Identification- Paradise- Passage-Ch. 22, p. 409. ? The Joads have foundthe government camp, there it is nicer than anything they have ever lived in before.?Interpretation.- In this place they find refuge from the police and a place where nothingcan hurt them. 28. Archetype Identification- Valleys.-Passage-Ch. 25, p. 445. ? Valleys in which the fruitblossoms are the first tendrils of the grapes.? Interpretation.-California is one giantvalley, thus it represents a type of hell for the immigrants they are forced to live likeanimals and work for pitiful wages. These things add up and the grapes of wrath fermentmaking a very pungent wine. 29. Archetype

Identification- Man from the provinces.-Passage-Ch. 26, p. 443. ? JimCasey has returned from prison and sees what needs to be done to solve the workersproblems.? Interpretation Jim Casey represents the problem solver in the book, he hasbeen away from the problems long enough that he can see them in a whole new light, hesee that the people must unite to fight the evil that has grown in California. 30. Archetype Identification- Mentors.-Passage-Ch. 26, p. 445. ?Jim Casey is Tom?smentor he explains what is happening in the society.? Interpretation. – Tom then uses theknowledge to further the reverends cause. Tom then retreats to the wilderness and alsofinds that he is a small part of one giant soul of all men. 31. Archetype Identification- Rain.-Passage- Ch. 28, p. 532. ?Over her

head a plumpblack cloud grew shading the stars.? Interpretation.-A great change is going to occur withthe rain, a rebirth of ideas and people. The rain will destroy old values and replace themwith new. 32. Archetype Identification. River.- Passage Ch. 30, Pg. 564. ? The men try to build adam to stop the flow of water and to save their families from the flood.? Interpretation-The men are trying to stop the cycle of life, they give all there strength but it still does notkeep the stream from flowing the way it wants to flow, so no matter how hard the men trythey can not alter the cycle of life.