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negative things so the changewill be for the worse. 12. Archetype Identification-Crescent Moon.- Passage- Ch.8, p. 86. ?The sky grayedamong the stars and the pale late quarter moon was insubstantial and thin.? Interpretation-The pale crescent moon shows change is far away and it will take a long time to get to thenew cycle in the moon, so times will be bad for quite some time. 13. Archetype Identification-Earth Mother.-Passage- Ch.8, p. 95. ?Ma is described ashaving eyes that have experienced all possible tragedy and to have had to have mountedpain and suffering likes steps to a high calm and has a superhuman understanding.?Interpretation- This shows Ma is the strong one in the family who takes care of everything and always remains cool. She is the care giver and nurturer of the

family 14.Archetype Identification- Star crossed lovers.-Passage-Ch. 8, p. 100. ? Grandma andGrandpa are constantly bickering among each other they try to make each other nuts.Once grandma shot grandpa.? Interpretation- the two grandparents are extremely closebut they thrive on arguing with each other. When grandpa dies it makes grandma diebecause she can not live with out her husband. 15.Archetype Identification-The Quest.-Passage-Ch.9 , p.113. ?To California or any otherplace everyone a drum major leading a parade of hurts, marching with our bitterness.?Interpretation-The people are on a quest to escape the pain that they have found so theytake flight to avoid the problems that they are faced with. They have a great hope offinding a land of milk and honey in which they can

thrive. 16.Archetype Identification- Outcast Passage-Ch.12, p.154. ? There ain?t room enoughfor both of us, your kind and my kind, the rich and the poor in this here country.?Interpretation.-The poor are the outcast of society and the rich do every thing within theirpower from keeping the poor from rising up. 17. Archetype Identification- Journey. Passage- Ch.12, p. 151-154. ?The Joads aretraveling across the country very slowly trying to get to California? Interpretation. -Route,66 is the comforting path that will guide them to their destination. The Joads slowlybecome people of the road, making travel part of their lifestyle. 18. Archetype Identification- Battle of good vs. evil.-Passage- Ch.13, p.165. ?The manpumping gas has the analogy of the gilla monster that bites and does

not ever let go.?Interpretation.-The gilla monster represents the evil of the banks that sucks the life out ofthe inhabitants by relentlessly clamping on to them and slowly administrating their poison. 19 Archetype Identification- Nature vs. Mechanistic world.-Passage-Ch. 14, p.192-195.?The farmer who works the land with his hands is forced to travel on to California becausetractors work the land faster, so they destroy the farmers.? Interpretation- Themechanistic tractor intimidates the farmers so they flee their land seeking refuge of a betterlife. The tractors are supported by societies need to have greater profits. 20. Archetype Identification- Three.-Passage-Ch. 15,page 208. ? The number threemachine is the only one anyone plays.? Interpretation.- This shows the cycle of

life in anobscured manner by showing the stages of being born, living and dying. 21. Archetype Identification- Sun. Passage- Ch. 16, Pg. 211. ?The sun is beating downon the Joads, it is making them weak and sick in the truck.? Interpretation-The sunrepresents fire which is transforming the Joads who are turning into different people thanthey were at their home. They are slowly changing into something completely different. 22. Archetype Identification- The ritual Passage Ch. 17, Pg. 254-255 ? The boys havea ritual of talking about gold and becoming new friends. The men always ask aboutwater.? Interpretation.-These ritual put everyone in their place in the traveling camps therituals are the same for each family. These rituals make living on the road more likehome. 23. Archetype

Identification-The unhealable wound.- Passage-Ch. 18, p. 295 ?The deathof John Joad?s wife plagues him with guilt and he becomes reclusive and has great moodswings.? Interpretation-The death of his wife leaves him with the deep sorrow of knowinghe killed her. He goes on drinking spells where he will consume great amounts of liquor,he also sometimes eats a great deal of food all at once then will not eat again for weeks. 24. Archetype identification -Creature of nightmare.- Passage-CH29, p. 204. ? The policeman accompanies the man finding people to work for him . The sheriff abuses his powersand shoots an innocent woman.? Interpretation- The sheriff is the extension of the evil ofthe banks. The banks feel the only way to control the poor is by fear tactics. They feelthat if the