Archetype Journal Essay Research Paper 1

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Archetype Journal Essay, Research Paper 1. Archetype Identification-Water vs. desert Passage-Ch.1, p.3,4. ?In water cut gullies theearth dusted down in dry little streams. The finest dust did not settle to earth but wentinto the sky.? Interpretation- This archetype symbolizes the death of the society that wasknown in Oklahoma. It shows the cycle of life and the effect on Oklahoma.. 2. Archetype Identification- Golden corn. – Passage-Ch. 1, p.5. ?The wind had pummeleddown the fallen corn.? Interpretation- The corn is the wealth and life blood of theinhabitants, without the corn no one will survive in their current location. 3. Archetype Identification- Outcast.-Passage-Ch.2, p. 18. ?Tom was put in prison for hiscrimes and the trucker knows he is an ex con and treats him with

less respect.?Interpretation- Tom is an outcast from society letting him think and reflect on his actions,allowing him to see things the way they are. This is a quality often found in heroes. 4. Archetype Identification.- Task.- Passage- Ch. 3, p. 19. ? The turtle is going southwardacross the road. One car avoids the turtle and another tries to hit the turtle.? The turtledoes not stop for any reason and continues to peruse it?s goal.? Interpretation- Thisshows the simple stubbornness that people and things will do to reach their goals. Thispassage also shows the two major types of people, those trying to prevent them fromreaching their goal and those who do every thing they can to help another person. 5. Archetype Identification.- Rebirth.-Passage-Ch. 3, p. 20. ? As the turtle

gets away fromit?s encounter with the cars it plants seeds.? Interpretation- The rebirth grows from theturtle?s near death. it continues the cycle of life by planting seeds that will blossom andjoin the current trend of life. 6. Archetype Identification.- Red.-Passage-Ch. 3, p. 20. ? A red ant penetrates the shell ofthe turtle and bites him.? Interpretation-The turtle and the ant show that nothing isimmune to death and new wounds, no matter how thick your shell is because no one isimpenetrable to everything. 7. Archetype Identification.- Trees.-Passage-Ch. 4,p. 24. ? Tom Joad moved into theimperfect shade of the lone tree.? Interpretation- The lone tree of knowledge standscasting imperfect shade, this shows that knowledge is scattered and all is not gathered atone time, Tom

learns under the tree with Jim Casey. 8. Archetype Identification-Golden.-Passage-Ch. 4,p.25. ? The description of reverendCasey speaks of his eyes flecked with gold.? Interpretation.-This reveals that the reverendCasey speaks only the truth and has a life with flecks of majesty. He is not perfect butsees man as part of an over soul so all actions of man are beautiful so one cannot sin. 9. Archetype Identification-Creature of Nightmare.-Passage-Ch. 5, p.45. ? The giant stubnosed cat pushes its way through houses and fences making perfectly straight lines.?Interpretation. The creature is the mechanical tractor that can do several men?s workmuch faster. This machine makes more profit, so it destroys the farmers. It then pushestheir houses over and destroys all remnants of those who

once lived there. 10. Archetype Identification-The battle between good and evil. -Passage-Ch.5, p. 45.?The farmers are pushed off the land that they made by profit hungry banks.?Interpretation- The farmers are the under dogs to the large companies that relentlesslysqueeze the farms to make more money. The farmers then plant only one crop and do notrotate thus they destroy the fertile soil. 11. Archetype Identification- Red Light.-Passage-Ch.6, p.57 . ?The red sun touched thehorizon and spread out like a jelly fish and the sky above it seemed much brighter andmore alive than it had been. Interpretation- The red sun light that spreads and shows achange brewing and that the change will spread rapidly. The light being red is anoxymoron because light means good things ,but red shows