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Archetype Example Essay, Research Paper Untitled She woke up again in the middle of the night dripping with cold sweat. It happened again the same dream that had plagued her since she was a little girl. There was no reason logically for her to be having it but it always came. Now more frequently than before it was coming about every couple of weeks now. As she trembled she recalled the events in her head she was playing by herself in a grassy field all alone. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw the movement that terrified her. The thing is that it was a harmless little baby snake that looked like it would never do anyone harm. Then as she looked down at the snake again it was slowly wrapping its self around her ankle. As always she laughed at it because it was so small

it tickled her, then the snake began to gradually grow and wrap its self further and further around her leg until finally it was so big that it wrapped its self around her completely. It was as if this tiny snake had, by wrapping its self around her consumed her to the point where she couldn t breath any more and then just as quickly as the dream started it ended. Soon the morning came and as always she awoke from her sleepless night barley in time to go to school and follow her sluggish routine. Still she made it to school and as always she forced herself to go to each class dispite her lack of ambition. She was an average student with only a close few friends who even being regarded as close barley knew her. She being a quiet girl and keeping to herself for was seen as an

outcast from the rest of her peers. She wasn t the typical girl that was occupied with her looks and which boys were the cutest but more into the intellectual side of things. She had always pondered the abstract issues that no one of the age of 17 really gave much thought to such as religion or the world as people knew it. Her child hood was a normal one with parent that brought her up as a free thinker and not someone to follow the norm . For this she was extradited by those around her. Still she continued to be this free thinker and somewhat of an enigma to all. No one could figure her out and to be honest no one cared to for she never fit in so it didn t matter. As time passed she grew distant from people. The parents that loved her, the few friends that cared and the teachers

that knew her full potential as a student. The only thing that seemed constant was the snake dream the was still reoccurring more and more frequently as the time passed along. Her parents were obviously worried so they sent her to counselor after counselor but to no avail. Her school work started to fail and she closed off all ties with everyone. She was consumed with her readings of religion and philosophy and the world issues. Thus spiraling her into deep states of depressions. For everything she read was in a negative context. Only to condemn herself even more so than ever. School was a joke to her it didn t matter anymore she was now feeling things that she had never felt before. She had these strong feelings of hate and pent up anger towards the other girls the would not

accept her for who she was. This was to the complete other end of the spectrum from the way she was only a short couple of months previous. Everyone now saw the change from the type of music she listened to, to the way she dressed. This new image was definatly putting her aside from everyone around her and also making everyone feel the same way that she felt towards her pure and utter hatred. She begun to feed on this and thrive the more people hated her the more she would do it just for the purpose of seeing them get angry or frustrated for no matter how hard her peers tried they couldn t discredit her from her means. For the knowledge she gained from reading would give her the means to justify her actions and no one could match her intellectual state of mind. All that