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Archaeology Essay, Research Paper Lingenfelter 1 YurchisinEnglish 102-2119 February, 1999Archaeology Have you ever wanted to search the world for lost civilizations? The study of archaeology is practiced around the world. The field of archaeology is a fascinating career for both amateurs and professionals. A career in archaeology is very exciting, which offers travel, study, and the chance to discover the past. Sitting at a desk in a cubicle is a boring job. Jobs should include travel, diversity, involvement, and learning. Having a job that offers places to travel such as Africa or Europe is very exciting. Seeing different cultures and working in different environments makes a good job. Working outside is better than sitting inside an office because it gives more sense of

freedom. A job should be challenging, but also a learning experience as well. Learning and discovering on the job is better than knowing little and doing the same thing everyday. Exciting fun careers embody people who enjoy their work and perform their best. If a career includes travel, diversity, involvement, and learning it’s a great profession. Archaeology is a good job because it involves traveling the world in search of past history. Brian M. Fagan author of the book, “The Adventure of Archaeology” states, “Archaeology touches every era and every part of the world- from 3.6 million year-old hominid foot prints in Africa to Roman shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea”(14). Working on an archaeological excavation site in the middle of the African Savannah is more

exciting than working at any desk. Archaeology is studied all over the world crossing many different cultures. Lingenfelter 2From the pyramids in Egypt to the American Indian burial mounds, archaeology is career that crosses many areas of the world. Instead of sitting at a boring desk archaeologists work, eat, and sleep around the work site. Bill McMillon author of the book, “The Archaeology Handbook” states, “Participants on a archaeological excavation generally sleep in tents, and eat food prepared in soup kitchens”(31). At work archaeologists often spend their nights listening to lectures and studying new techniques on ways to excavate the site. Traveling to a site and camping there for weeks at a time is better than any job. Archaeology is a good career because it

involves learning and hands on experiences. Learning something new every day is very exciting. Learning and studying past civilizations is very challenging for archaeologists. All archaeologists have the same goal, to preserve the past. McMillon states, “they are attempting to reconstruct the life and culture of previous civilizations through the study of objects that past societies have left behind”(10). Archeologists have made many discoveries about our origins and ancestors, which helps us learn about the past. The study of past history is very interesting. McMillon cites, “An archaeologist is able to bring something back into the life and culture of our society”(13). Another reason why archaeology is a good career is because it’s very diverse. Archaeologists study

many different things all depending on what they find. Archaeologists usually uncover lost artifacts and information on past civilizations. In the field an Archeologist has many different jobs. Jobs include digging, recording and photographing. This process is long because each excavation takes time. McMillon states, “all members of the expedition perform their assigned tasks in a conscientious manner”(34). Everything an archaeologist does is an importance to the overall excavation. Always having something to do is what makes archaeology a good job. A career in archaeology offers travel, diversity, Lingenfelter 3 Why should someone pursue a career in archaeology? Fagan states, “Every archaeologist hopes to feel, sooner or later, that sense of discovery-and yet, for many,