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show that the Arabs felt strong hatred towards Israel and declare that they want to see the destruction of the Israeli sate. This is saying that the Arabs were being aggressive towards Israel but source E puts the blame on Israeli acts of aggression. These sources do probably show that Source E is false because they are from one year before and from the start of the war and should be reliable in showing the Arab view because they are messages to the Arab people. The claim that Israel are the aggressors is therefore probably wrong because two more reliable views from the same side disprove it and also Source E has several limitations to it. It is made by the deputy commander of the Egyptian army to his people and so is overtly biased because the commander will be using the speech

as propaganda to motivate his troops by blaming Israel, so as the International community hears that Egypt are going to war so as to protect Syria, thus making sure that the International community doesn´t go against them. Source E is propaganda and so isn´t the true view of the Arabs which is shown by the other sources which show Arab aggression. 5. Both these sources are of some use. Source H is useful for a historian because it is what an Israeli felt at the time. It should therefore be useful as his fears should be genuine and reliable and therefore why he went to war is reliable and of use to. It is useful in showing the Israeli situation of being poorly defended and vulnerable to attack so as the best form of defence would be to trigger the war by releasing a pre-emptive

attack. Source I can be used to say that one of the causes of the war was the tension and aggression between Israel and Egypt because this is where the photograph shows where the fighting is and that a pre-emptive and surprise attack was released because so much destruction to Egyptian tanks is shown. Also the fact that Israel is attacking the Sinai desert suggests that one cause of the war is that they want to recapture land there. However the usefulness of these sources suffers because of their limitations. Source H is unreliable because it was written after the event and we don´t know how long afterwards exactly. Writing afterwards could result in how he thought he felt changing. Also source H only shows one cause and so is not useful in showing all the causes of the War.

There are severe limitations of Source I. It is very blurred and relies on a possibly biased caption to explain it, which means that it could be exaggerated. Also one picture is not enough to draw reliable conclusions because it is only a snap shot of what happened and so cannot be trusted in showing the true situation even on the Sinai front. 6. There are many ways in which these interpretations of the causes of the Six Day War differ. Source J shows the Israeli government´s excuse and is therefore biased on the Israeli side. It blames Arab terrorism and aggression and Soviet disinformation for causing the war and puts sole blame on them. Source K gives the Egyptian and therefore probably Arab view of who caused the war and like Source J is overtly biased. As the Israeli´s

did, this source claims that the war was in fact caused by the opposition and so puts the blame on Israeli hostility and control of foreign media. Quite clearly these interpretations of the causes differ as they are from both sides and so blame each other. There are though similarities between the sources. Both are secondary sources and are books produced by the state for others to read thus suggesting they are propaganda, being used to show innocence to international community. Therefore both have limitations to reliability. 7. Using these sources and contextual knowledge it is difficult to put sole blame on one country for causing the Six Day war. This is because the sources and contextual knowledge, when corroborated, lead to different conclusions and so contradict each other.

Sources B, F, G and J all indicate that the Arab nations are to blame for causing the war. They say that the Arab Nations showed continuous signs of aggression through acts of terrorism and speeches made and this therefore would´ve caused the Israeli´s to release a pre-emptive attack. However there are several problems with these sources in terms of validity and reliability. Sources B, F and G are said or done by an Arab to its people and so would be biased. Source B is unreliable because it is a cartoon aimed at the Arab people and so will be for propaganda. Source J would be unreliable because an Israeli tells it after the war and this could be because Israel is trying to explain itself and put the blame on the Arabs in front of the international community. Sources F and G