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said god bless you. This was the closest that his father had ever came to a gesture of real affection. This made Adam feel really good. The reason why I say this is the most important moment on the book is because it let Adam know that his dad really did love him. It was sad to see that after that his farther died the next morning during the battle against the British. If his dad didn’t talk to him that night, I don’t think that Adam would of been able to handle his death as well as he did. Knowing that his dad really did love him made him take it more like a man. If his dad had not said that to him, he would not of took his death as well. He would of been more upset not knowing if his dad loved him or not. Knowing that he never once said I love you, or showed affection to

him would of made him more confused and knowing if he loved him or not. That is why that is the most important part in the book. It made him handle the loss better. D) The main idea of this book was that you may not think you can win because you are out numbered, the truth is that you can win if you believed. This was proved in the book when they came back in beat the British in the battle of Lexington. The had already been beaten by them once, and they were out numbered, but they believed they could. And they beat them. E) 1) This book made me realize that I don’t have it so bad and I should be grateful with what I have. 2) This book made me wonder about the lifestyles of people around 1775. And what kind of person I would be if I grew up during that day in age. 3) This book

made me believe that some bad things that happen for a reason. Like when before they battled the British his father gave him that speech that proved that he did love him. If he wasn’t about to go into that battle and know he might die, he wouldn’t of told him that. That happened for a reason, the reason was so Adam knew that his farther did love him. 4) This book made me hope that I will never have to go through anything that he went through. I wouldn’t be able to take it as well as he did.