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Appraisal Schemes Essay, Research Paper Appraisal Schemes 1 What should be the purpose of an appraisal To identify strengths and weakness of both employees and the organisation To keep employees aware of the organisations objectives and how each employee contributes to achieving these objectives To identify training needs which may be required so that an employee can achieve their full potential To identify to management what the overall training requrements are for the futur so that they can be costed / budgetted for. To identify potential changes which employees suggest which will improve the running of the organisations To identify which procedures need attention / changing 2 Should Pay and performance apparaisal be linked It is not uncommon to find that employees who

achieve a higher peformance than that which had been agreed / set , then that employee could be entitled to a reward Provided the appraisal scheme is monitored / controlled by senior management and clear guide lines are set there is no reason why extra payment should not be recieved If no control weak managers tend to set weak targets which will ensure their staff receive good bonuses and the firm / hard managers set tight standards which could result in no one receiveing any bonuses . This could create an industrial relations problems. The targets should be fair for all, achievable , not to easy however otherewise all employees will receive this extra money. Using the normal curve of distribution, 65% of employees would normally achieve a normal performance standard c 15% would

receive a a rating and 15% would receive a d rating which leaves only 2.5% to receive a a rating. If you are linking money to the appraisal all concerned should be aware of the criteria and amounts , percentages involved. It is common practice when linking money to have the appraisals in July and pay any rewards in Dec. at least 6 months between the appraisal and the payout It is not uncommon when talking about bonuses etc that these will eventually be added onto the basic wage through negotiation. Bonuses after a while becomes a right ?? 3 How can employees learn to assess themselves better Make sure they fully understand the job they are being paid to do , read and understand the job description Decide which parts of the job description they have performed well and why. Could

they build on these strengths Be honest and say which parts they could have performed better.What additional resources should be made available to them if they are going to achieve a better result in the future. Are they to receive more / better training, are they to receive better / more equipment, are they to receive extra help in doing the job in general. Are they to receive more support from their emmidiate superior. When discussing targets / objectives be positive, if the targets are unfair say so and explain why you feel as you do. Only accept fair, achievable , measureable targets. 4 Do appraisals / assessment enhances the management of employees The basic roles of management are planning, providing, organising and controlling and these roles are linked through an

effective effective communication. system. A well organisated appraisal / assessment scheme will be an intrical part of this communication process. All employees will fully understand their key objectives and how these objectives fit into the overall plan of the organisation. They will have been actively involved / consulted in the setting of their targets and will feel that their targets are fair and attaintable. They will have been advised of the need to change where appropriate and what help is available from their superior during this change. They will have been consulted on a wide range of topics during the appraisal and they will have been praised for their efforts over the previous period of time. As a result of the above items which should have been done as a direct