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Appleton Police Department Essay, Research Paper Appleton Police Department Appleton is in the heart of the Fox Cities in east central Wisconsin. The population is about 70,00 and is the 6 largest city in Wisconsin and the metropolitan area is more then 155,000. The history of the police department is in 1854 they only had a single lawman which was a marshal they didn t have a jail so they shared one with a neighboring town. In 186 the city counsel voted in January to start a permanent police department, so it started out as 1 policeman and as the town grew some patrol men were added to the force. In 1884 they had 3 patrolmen besides the marshal and by 1886 as needed they got 3 more policemen. The marshal and on other guy had the day shift while the others had the night

shift. In 1890 they decide to pay the policemen $2.00 per night. By the turn of the centry they finally got a patrol wagon and got paid $55.00 a month. As years went by the department grew as the cities grew. The mission for the Appleton Police Department is it is a community responsive organization that strives to bring its employees and citizens into working partnership to help identify and solve the communities problems. They try providing their employees with positive, supportive and professional environment that encourages innovative problem solving to enhance the quality of life in our communities. Commitments They have a few commitments to professionalism, community, to progress and to its employees. Their professional commitment is as they are professional police officers

they all adhere to the ethical standards of their profession and to place their concerns for the welfare of their community and the citizens of the town above their own personal concerns while doing their police services. They all go by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. The community commitment is maintaining the high quality of life that exists in the community. The commitment to progress, exist in the changing environment. They seek opportunities for changes leading to improved police services. The commitment to employees is they are committed to providing their employees the opportunity to function in a rewarding, exciting and challenging work environment. Management philosophy The management s function is to provide vision to the future with organizational values and to

promote excellence and quality throughout the department. The efforts is to provide the highest quality professional police with the community s priority. They believe in the highest professional standards for each police officer they have and to deliver the very best service they have to offer. Appleton management also believe in organizational teamwork, mutual support, honest discussion and participation from other officers in decision making is said to make an effective management. Office of the Chief The office of the chief provides overall management direction and the supervision of police activities in the city of Appleton. The Office of the Chief consists of the police chief, one lieutenant who heads the Resource Development and Professional Standards Units; a Crime

Analysis officer; 2 Resource Development unit officers and 1 administrative Secretary. The Resource Development unit and Professional Standards Unit been combined with one lieutenant. Their activities are conducting staff inspections to ensure the highest level of integrity, performance and adherence to policies and procedures. They are also to identify problems and opportunities, which may impact the organization performance. Their objecives are to complete annual review policies and participate in cooperative mock assignments with other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies. Operations Bureau The operations bureau exists to provide primary police services to the community. These services include preventive patrol and emergency response, traffic supervision, juvenile services and