Apple Vs The World A Comparison Of

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Apple Vs. The World: A Comparison Of Pc?S And Apple Computers Essay, Research Paper INTRODUCTION This article will evaluate the practicality of several PCs vs. Apple Macs for an incoming college freshman. The ever-changing computer world is a maze of options and capabilities. Within this ever-changing world lie to very different elements; the PC and the Mac are two very different computers. Both computers have their own unique qualities, but also have their own flaws too. Hardware, operating systems, and affordability will be compared. CONCLUSIONS 1. For a college freshman entering his first term, the more affordable and obvious choice would be a PC. 2. Apple is not as compatible with as much hardware or software. 3. PC?s offer more choices in operating systems as well as

choices in hardware, software, game controllers and other peripherals. 4. Unless you are working on video or picture editing and need really fast results, the PC is by far a better choice. RECOMENDATIONS 1. Consult a person that has owned an Mac or other Apple computers to determine if they are happy with their decision. 2. Try an Apple and a PC on your own to determine which is right for you. 3. Determine what exactly you will be using your computer for and what types of software you will be using. 4. Do your own calculations on prices and features before going to a vendor. FINDINGS Hardware Taking a look at the external features of a computer you see a plastic or steel box with a plastic faceplate housing the CD-ROM, disk drives, expansion slots and the inside circuitry. The

inside of a computer consists of a motherboard, with different slots to plug different types of ?cards,? a processor, that runs all the calculations, the different ports that connect other hardware, such as the mouse and keyboard, and the many other circuits and objects that appear on the board it?s self. The ?cards? each have their own distinct function such as sound, video, network, modem and RAM. Every computer needs each one of the stated to run correctly. The motherboard is the base of any system whether it is an Apple or PC. The motherboard is the base with the connections to all the necessary components. All motherboards are relatively the same when it comes down to an average PC in a home or small business environment. Motherboards begin to get distinctive when one wants

to create a mainframe or server. Motherboards normally come standard with 5 PCI slots, possibly 1 or 2 ISA slots, and between 3 and 4 memory slots. The motherboard also has a spot for the processor and a way to attach it to a casing. A motherboard is pictured below. The Processor is probably the most talked about piece of hardware within the computer industry. The processor runs all the calculations and processes all the entered data by the user. The most common types of processors out for a PC are the Pentium series distributed by Intel, and the K and Atholon line processors distributed by KMD. Both companies have released processors that are very similar in speed and performance but, for the purpose of this article, it is not necessary to compare the two companies products.

Apple computers use a different type of processor called the G4. The G4 is said to run extremely fast and when put up against the Pentium 3 is said to be much faster in its calculations and data processing. The G4 runs faster than the Pentium 3 by being able to process data at a higher rate; the G4 can process data in 128 bit chunks compared to 32 or 64 bit chunks that the Pentium 3 and other processors handle data at. A Pentium 3 processor is pictured below with the G4 processor next to it. RAM, or random access memory, acts as a holding pen for files and programs that are currently running on your desktop . It is common within the industry to say ?more is better? when it comes to RAM, this is because the more RAM you have the more able you will be to access larger programs and