Appeasment Sources Question Essay Research Paper 1

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Appeasment Sources Question Essay, Research Paper 1.???????? We can learn a lot from Source A about the reasons why the British Government adopted the policy of appeasement.? Firstly, Britain (among other countries), lost a huge number of men in the First World War, ?seven million young men who were cut off in their prime? and so avoiding another war would seem the duty of the Government to its bereaved people.? Secondly, the government, especially Chamberlain, felt that another war was pointless, ?there are no winners, but all are losers?, and so appeasement would have seemed the better option. ??????????? Looking at inferences from the source, we can see that Chamberlain was desperate, ?strain every nerve?.? This demonstrates that he was adamant about his cause, and so the

government was in some ways obliged to follow such strong leadership, resulting in appeasement.? Also, looking at the origins of the source, the writer, Chamberlain, would have also opposed war because we know that he had a cousin who was killed in the Great War.? The nature is a speech, and as these tend to be public, Chamberlain?s views would have been expressed and implanted in a wide range of people, so there may have been public pressure for appeasement, resulting in the Government implementing it.2.???????? Sources B and C are very different.? First of all, B is a photograph and C is a cartoon.? They both show Hitler, but B shows him in a good, kind light, and C shows him in a cruel and menacing light.? B not only shows him as nice, but the swastika symbol of the Nazi Party

is not shown, whereas on C, the symbol is very prominent.? This could be used to show him as a ?normal? person in source B and as a tyrant in source C.? ??????????? B shows a child and C shows the world.? These are at both ends of the size scale, so in the former, Hitler may be shown as caring for even the smallest things in life, (maybe a reference to God?) and in the latter as only caring for the largest things; not content with less ambitious sights at all.? Linked to this is the fact that there are lots of people visible in the photograph, so Hitler could be seen as trying to blend in and show himself as ?one of the people?.? C depicts only Hitler, so it indicates that he has to be the centre of global attention. ??????????? Lastly, there is an absence of words in source B,

whereas source C has the word ?Lebensraum? (or living space).? This could be used to show that, again linked to the idea of power, he is content to be one of the mass (B) or he has to be the most audible person in the world.3.???????? Sources B and C give a very different view of Hitler.? The reasons for this can be attributed to the origins of the sources.? Source B was taken during the election campaign, and so does not necessarily show Hitler?s true personality.? It would be trying to impress the people who were possibly going to vote for him.? The aspects referred to previously would help to do this; the small child, the large group, the lack of obvious leadership and the care shown.? They would all lead the electorate into thinking that Hitler was a good person.? The date of

the photograph, 1932, is important too, because this is before Hitler came to power.? It was also after there had been a lot of economic depression and so Germany was eager to come out of it.? Hitler had to be seen as the person who had the people?s interests at heart, and by relating to the public, especially children (the future of his new Germany), he could show this.? Also, there was competition to think about.? The Nazis had to beat the other political parties in the election, so the photo that appealed to the public most would get the most votes in the election. ??????????? Source C was published in a Czech newspaper in 1938.? By 1938, Hitler had taken the Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia) and so the Czechs were very angry at him.? They would have portrayed an equally