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Apollo 2 Essay, Research Paper Apollo Table of Contents 1. Title Page 2. Table of Content 3. Apollo Report 4. Apollo Report 5. Story of apollo 6. Temple of Apollo ( Didyma, Turkey ) 7. Palazzo Corsini ( Florence, Italy ) 8. Ruins at Delphi ( Delphi, Greece ) Son of : Zeus and Leto, Brother of Artemis. Birth : on Delos. Delos nis a island in Greece, in the southern Aegean sea. It is the smallest of the Cyclades group having an area of about 1 sq. mile. It is now uninhabited, but in ancient times was famous as a shrine of Apollo and as a trading center of the early Greeks and Romans. God of : Prophecy, healing, music, agriculture, cattle, truth, light First Love : Daphne Lover of : Acacllis, Acantha, Arsinoe, Bolina, Clymene, Calliope, Celaeno, Chione, Chrysorthe, Coronis,

Cyrene, Daphne, Dryope, Evadne, Hecuba, Issa, Leucothoe, Ocyrrhoe, Parthenope, Phthia, Procleia, Pasmathe, Rhoeo, Stilbe, Syllis, Thyia, and Thyria. Father of : Amphithemis, Miletus, Eriopis, Orpheus, Delphus, Philammon, Coronus, Asclepius, Paeon, Autychus, Idom, Aristaeus, Amphissus, Iamus, Troilus, Phasis, Lycomedes, Dorus, Laodocus, Polypoetes, Tenes, Linus, Anius, Centaurus, Lapithus, Zeuxippus, Delphus, Cycnus, Phylius, Chariclo, Cinyras, Dryops, Idmon, Melaneus, Thestor, and Trophonius. Apollo had many epithets( A term used to characterize a person or thing) 1. Acersecomes- meaning unshorn 2.Acesius- meaning healer. 3. Cynthius. 4.Delius. 5. Loxias. 6.Lycius- meaning wolf god. 7.Moiragete- meaning guide of the Moirae. 8. Musagetes- meaning patron of the Muses. Paean-

meaning the healing god. 10. Phoebus- meaning shining. 11. Smintheus- meaning mouse god. Apollo had many things that he enjoyed. He was very athletic. Apollo was the first winner of the Olympian Games. He was a master archer, and was a fast runner. Apollo s scared tree was the lyre, his sacred birds were the raven and the swan. Apollo s sacred is land was Delos. Apollo was said to drive a golden chariot across the sky each day, representing the sun. He is seen here with his horse-drawn chariot on a ceiling painting in the palazzo Corsinl in Florence Italy. Because of his beauty, Apollo was painted and sculpted in ancient art more frequently than any other deity. Many poems were also written about Apollo. The Loard of the unerring bow, The god of life, poetry, and light, The sun

in human limbs arrayed, and brow All radiant from his triumph in the fight. The shaft has just been shot; the arrow bright With an immortal s vengeance; in his eye And nostril, beautiful disdain, and might And majesty flash their full lightning s by, Developing in that one glance the Deity. The Story of Apollo an Daphne is retold in stories, songs, and poems, the fowling is one of those poems. Yet what he sung in his immortal strain, Thought unsuccessful, was not sung in vain. All but the nymph that should redress his wrong, Attend his passion and approve his song Like Phoebus thus, acquiring unsought praise, He caught at love and filled his arms with bays Apollo s story: The Python at Delphi When Apollo was a young man he traveled to mount Parnassus. Apollo traveled here because

he wanted the oracle that was near a town called Delphi. The only problem was that there was a giant python that was grading the oracle. The python was the son of Gaea and Mother Earth. He was created by the slime left over on the earth after the great flood, he lived in a cave near Delphi. Many people did not think that Apollo could slay the python, because he was using such a primitive weapon, a bow-arrow. Know one had ever used weapons that were used to kill bore, deer. When the Python was sleeping Apollo shot it in the head and killed it. After Apollo killed the python he claimed the oracle in his name. soon after killing the python he meet up with cupid. He told cupid that he should not play with such manly weapons. Cupid got angry and said Your arrows may strike every thing