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accountable (among other things) for the appeals from dissidents in both countries, Canada withholds their position on human rights and refuses to take a stand against it’s abuses. (1) In order to save their reputation, Canadian government puts through “constructive engagement”. Constructive Engagement is a policy that allows the people of Canada to believe that the Canadian government is concerned with human rights, when in reality, it is business that they are really concerned with. Constructive engagement, for Canada, means voting against or abstaining from every UN resolution condemning Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor. However, we persist in the selling of weapon parts to the Indonesian military. Ultimately, “Constructive engagement” means we have a fatal fall

back from life or death issues. (1) We should perhaps examine what’s happening on our own territory, in addition to giving support to dissidents overseas. Canada and the US are recognized as professionals in the area of maltreatment of native peoples. There’s no democracy in APEC Although it’s only been sice 1989 that APEC has been around, most people have probably only heard about it recently due to it’s arrival in Vancouver. This is not surprising as APEC functions through closed door meetings of politicians, big business representatives, bureaucrats, and academics. The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), is the only institutional presence in APEC, that is not apart of the government. ABAC is made up of CEOs. Those who are affected most by APEC’s policies have no

say in APEC deliberations and policies. APEC does not function in isolation unlike some other organizations. Fundamental resolutions about our lives are made on an every day basis by economists and bureaucrats that represent establishments such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO). According to the Director General of the WTO, Renato Rugiero, “We are writing the constitution of a single global economy.” (1) Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and other treaties like it termed “a bill of rights for investors,” are secretly being drafted. These issues will transform the way society lives dramatically and there are no public debates on these issues.

(1) APEC Cultivates a Society of Consumption Many trade agreements including APEC don’t just concentrate on commodities, they are all for turning our existence into a commodity. In the eyes of APEC, all the aspects of peoples lives are looked upon in terms of profit. . 5 Assumptions of APEC There are five assumptions that people make about APEC. These are the following: APEC will aid small businesses to prosper, APEC is inevitable, APEC provides great opportunity for Dialogue and cultural exchange, APEC increase prosperity for everyone and the last assumption is that there are no alternatives. As stated above, these are assumptions and as the saying goes to assume makes and ass out of you and me. Small Businesses will Prosper Small businesses will actually end up weakening due

to APEC. Without the benefit to large-scale government subsidies that are handed out to big corporations every day and without cheap resources and cheap labour, small businesses simply cannot compete with the big ones. We are approaching a period of monopolistic capitalism, where a few major corporations can afford to play the game and because of that they are the ones who set the rules. There are more and more companies merging together and being bought out, it’s common for this to happen now a days. Today, 51 corporations and 49 countries make up the 100 biggest economies, not 100 countries not even 50% are countries. On top of that, 70% of international trade is controlled by 500 transnationals. (1) Great Opportunity for Cultural Exchange and Dialogue In order to defend

their corporate agenda, the supporters and leaders of APEC have had the tendency to drag out the corpse of “cultural exchange”. APEC is strictly about business and that has been made distinct from the beginning, “APEC has been business driven from the start, a feature that sets it apart from many other regional trade bodies.” This quote can be read in a Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs document entitled An Open Door for Canadian Business, APEC is believed to be a prospect for cultural exchange, but it’s not. Opportunities for cultural change will continue to exist without APEC as they always have. (1) APEC treaties are frequently reported as non-binding, however APEC is not casual diner conversation. One can assume from all this that “everyone comes to the table