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Apartheid Essay, Research Paper What Is Apartheid? The word Apartheid means separation. Apartheid was a form of living in South Africa. It was the process of segregating different races. Not only did it separate the Afrikaans, and other tribes in South Africa, but it also separated the whites from the non-whites. Apartheid affected many people’s lives in different parts of South Africa; this time was a very hard time for all racial groups. Apartheid was the political way of living in South Africa starting from 1948 to around 1998 in some parts of South Africa. Apartheid forced people into living other ways and made life difficult for all people. The laws of Apartheid demanded where a person could live, where they could work, instructed the people on what kind of education

they could receive, and that certain people had to be in certain places at certain times. One way Apartheid mainly affected ordinary people was by making the financial provider of the family stay in farmland or rural settings, and not support his family properly. By making those people stay home, and by not enabling those people to get the proper jobs with the efficient amount of money needed to tend to a family, they lost much of what they owned, loved, and cherished. This, however, did not only affect Afrikaans but it also had the same affect on whites, non-whites, and other colored or tribal people. Apartheid, in South Africa, during the time period of 1948 to the end of Apartheid in 1998, affected many lives. In some way it taught a great lesson to all. Providing painful

memories, Apartheid reminded those who were afflicted how great freedom is and how much of an opportunity we have now to flourish in all that we may do. This shows that even though many are oppressed, we can still overcome all that we would like to. Apartheid was completely abolished by the year of 1998, finally allowing everyone to be happy and free from all segregations, in all parts of South Africa.