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marketers must have thought of ideas that would stir up a little controversy. I think they like the idea of going as far as they can go so that people will talk about the ads. I also feel that sometimes advertisements can effect society in a negative way. If there are people out there who get influenced literally by advertisements then that could be a definite problem. Teenage girls may see the Candies ad and feel sad about themselves because they do not have a body like the model in the advertisement. I don t really believe that companies are at fault though. I know it already is a huge problem in our society because girls want to be as thin as models in magazines and television, but they are just doing there job. Whether the image is portraying sexuality or health, it is the

individuals responsibility to not take it seriously. In our everyday lives we are exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day. These advertisements are put out to grab our attention so we can find interest in the product. There is nothing we can do to change the way advertisement are set up; all we can do is take them as they are and try not to take them too seriously. The Candies fragrance ad promotes sexuality to sell the product. It is definitely something that works to create an image that we pay close attention to. As much as we deny it, anything that gives us the image of sex will do well in our society. Whether it is a woman s body on a magazine, or images and words in an advertisement we buy it and don t want to admit to it. 32a