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behind. Both Angela and Patty were great little girls and they had become friends to me. I felt I was responsible for them and I worried about who would give them attention when I left. Eventually my last day as a nurse?s aide arrived. I was both excited and sad. I was excited to start my new career as a dancer on Broadway. However, I was sad to leave Angela and Patty. I decided to visit them one last time and say goodbye. As I entered the room, both Angela?s and Patty?s smiling faces greeted me. They were both still pale and weak, but both were in good spirits. I told them that this would be my last day with them. They were both sad, but cheered up when I promised to visit them soon. My career as an nurse?s aide ended with hugs from my two new friends. The following Monday, I

began my dancing career. It was harder than I had expected. To my dismay, I was placed in the very back row where I could barely be seen. Each night, I returned home exhausted from a grueling practice session. The other dancers were unfriendly and were only interested in their own success. As the weeks passed, I thought more and more of Angela and Patty. A little more than a month had passed and I had promised to visit the girls. I decided to visit them tomorrow. As I drove to the hospital, listening to an old Beatles tape, I was in a good mood. Angela and Patty would be surprised to see me and I couldn?t wait to see them. I parked my car and walked up the steps to the children?s wing of the hospital. After saying hello to my former co-workers, I headed to Room 209. My excitement

was building. I opened the door and poked my head into the room. For a second my heart stopped. What I saw startled me. Patty looked up at me and happily smiled. However, when she saw my startled face, her smile went away. Looking at the empty bed beside her, she confirmed my fears. “Angela didn?t make it,” she said sadly. “She was fine until a week ago. The doctors took her to the intensive care unit and she never came back. The doctor came a few days later and told me she passed away.” Fighting back my tears, I gave Patty a hug. I felt so sorry for her. She was such a sick little girl and now her friend was gone. What else could possibly happen to this young girl? However, as I looked at her, I realized that she looked much better than the last time I saw her. Patty

then told me she would be released from the hospital in a week. The doctors had tried a new treatment on her and she had reacted to it very well. “The new treatment helped me, but Angela was the main reason I?m going to make it,” Patty said . “Angela never seemed afraid of her cancer and she showed me I had to be brave too. She told me to never give up and I haven?t.” I stayed and talked with Patty for over an hour. We talked about how brave Angela had been and what a wonderful friend she was. As I was driving home, a thought suddenly crossed my mind. As crazy as it sounded, I wanted to leave my job as a dancer and return to the hospital. Dancing in the back row of a chorus line was not all that great. I wanted to be around the kids in the hospital once again. Working in

the hospital had been more than just cleaning rooms. After I started talking to Patty and Angela, the job meant much more. It meant making an impact on their lives for the better. I wanted to be able to do this for other children, too. With that thought in my mind, I drove home and never returned to my job as a Broadway dancer. Two little girls had helped me discover the career that was right for me.