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operas, two for Venice and one for florence. During these years Vavaldi also extremely active in the field of Concertos. In 1725 the publication of Il Cimento dell?Armenia e dell?invenzione and opus 8, appeared in Amsterdam. this consisted of twelve concertos, seven of which were descriptive: The Four Seasons, Storm at Sea, Pleasure and The Hunt. Vivaldi transformed the tradition of descriptive music into a typically Italian musical style with its unmistakable timbre in which the strings play a big role. These concetos were enormously successful, particulary in france. In the second half of the 18th century there were changes in the Spring concerto. King Louis was mad about the change and ordered it to be performed at the most unexpected moments. Moreover, Vivaldi received

various commisions for compsitions from the court at Versailles. In 1730 Vivaldi, his father, and Anna Giraud traveled to to Prague. In this city were Mozart celebrated his first operatic triumphs just a half century before. Vivaldi met a half Venetian opera company which between 1724 and 1734 staged some sixty operas in the theater of Count Franz Anton von Sporck. In 1730 to 1731 season, two new operas by Vavaldi were premiered there after the previous season had been closed with his opera Farnace, a work the composer often used as his showpiece. After his stay in Prague, Vivaldi concertrated mainly on operas. No further collections of instimental music were published. However Vivaldi continued to write instrimental music, although it only to sell manuscripts to private persons

or to the Ospedale della Pieta. In 1735 they paid him a fixed honoraium of 100 ducats a year. In 1733 he met the English trveler Edward Holdsworth, who had been commioned to purchase a few of Vavaldi?s pieces for the mans letters . In 1783 Vivaldi was in Amsterdam were he conducted a festive opening concert for the 100th Anniversary of the Schouwburg theater. Returning to venice, which was at the time of suffering a severe economic downturn. Vivaldi resigned from the Ospedale in 1740, planning to move to Vienna under the patronage of his admiror Charles VI. His stay in Vienna was to be a shortlived however, for Vavaldi died on July 28th 1741 of internal fire and like Mozart fifty years later, recieved a modest burial. Anna Giraud stayed with him until he died. She stayed in

venice untill her death in 1750.