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insulted by this search!” Mashenka reveals her new sense of self and personal integrity. “Half an hour later she was on her way.” The story ends without any true sense of closure. Relation to Current Culture Today a search without permission or warrant is a criminal offense. Even as a hired servant living within someone else’s household, a person is entitled to his own personal space and privacy. One would like to believe that the justice system would stand by the violated individual, but with the exorbitant price of good legal representation the wealthier person might well triumph, regardless of guilt or innocence. Maybe things have not changed too much after all. Personal Reflections I feel that it is no longer the wealthier individuals, but the large corporations that

hold people in subservient positions and treat them like numbers. When I worked at GTE, I gave birth to my second child and he had some serious health issues. Needless to say, I missed quite a few days of work and this was well before the government had authorized the family leave act. When I asked the CEO of the company if there was any possibility of GTE declaring a family leave policy on their own he replied, “You can be replaced with another good employee who does not have a sick child.” I felt violated like Mashenka and eventually left GTE to stay home with my children. The Story Continues? Mashenka returns home with a new sense of inner-strength. She organizes the people in her town and leads them to revolt. They tear down the old systems in place and form a new world

order in which all people are treated as equals. No more searches of servants quarters were ever tolerated again. Parallels with Visual Arts Delacroix’s An Orphan Girl in the Graveyard reminds me of the character of Mashenka from An Upheaval. Although her youthfulness is obvious, her face portrays maturity and understanding beyond her years. There is strength within; she will not be a victim.