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have obvious benefits for the stability of the patient and the well being of his significant other, and society. However, most antisocial personalities do not actively seek therapy. For those patients who do seek therapy a sign of progress would be seen in the development of the dysphoric effect, or depression. This is uncomfortable for the patient so the therapist should become supportive and empathetic, helping the patient to understand that the discomfort is a sign of progress. Although there are some medications that can be helpful for specific symptoms, medications have not been proven to be helpful in the treatment of APD. There are very few programs that meet the requirements needed for successful treatment of APD. Those that do exist are expensive, take years to complete,

and tend to have fairly good results. The Antisocial Personality Disorder is a disorder with several variations and types, but with the same harmful effects. People, mostly men, with this disorder almost always tend to act in criminal ways, beginning early in life (age 15) all the way through adulthood and even sometimes into the senior years. Criminologists need to be well aware of what they are dealing with when a criminal with APD enters the scene. Since antisocial personalities are good liars, con artists, charmers, and tricksters, they could easily con their way out of court and be turned loose on the streets yet again. They have no sympathy for their victims and show no remorse for their actions, so there is no stopping them from committing crimes time and time again. To

keep this world safe from rapists, murderers, robbers, and other crimes consistently occurring, criminologists must be aware of the capabilities of those with APD and keep them.