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and intergalaxy exploration. The human imagination, however, cannot be forgotten. The purpose in such exploration may not be apparent now, but someday it will. Even if there is no purpose, let our reasons be for our own amusment, or to answer our many questions. Lately, funding of such projects has come at higher costs. It seems that people no longer have the sense of adventure that they once had. Two of the big missions planned for the next decade or two are, a manned mission to Mars and a mission to break out of our system?s heliosphere (That is the point where the stream of charged particles from our sun, called solar winds, are overwhelmed by interstellar space.). Both of these missions offer the ability to do ground breaking research, but more then that they offer a boost

for the imagination. However, both of these missions require new technology, especially in the form of propulsion. It is these types of systems that will allow us to reach for the stars. Antimatter looks to be very promising. There are dozens of uses for it, they only need to be discovered. Just with the two uses I have mentioned there exist a potential to revolutionize old concepts, and it is through this revolution the we can learn new things, and make new discoveries that will allow us to fill in the blanks in the macro/micro-scopic world around us.