Antigone Vs Creon Essay Research Paper Antigone

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Antigone Vs. Creon Essay, Research Paper Antigone vs. Creon When you are about to examine the likes and differences between Antigone and Creon you wonder what the really do have in common, but in all actuality they are more alike then different. First of all these two appear quite different, because Creon and Antigone have one of the same characteristics in their personality, stubbornness. Antigone wants her brother to have a proper burial and she won t stop at anything to see him buried, nothing. Creon is just as stubborn except in the sense that he won t change the law forbidding anyone to bury Polynieces. After many people talked to him about changing the law he just stood still on his ground. I think he lost his son because of this. Just like all the others, Creon wouldn

t listen to his own son Haemon, partly in the fact that he hated Antigone because he was soon to wed Haemon. They are also alike because, they try to bring someone else into their problems. For instance Antigone is trying her best to drag her sister Ismene into helping her bury their brother. She doesn t want to get involved because she knows it is wrong and against the law. Creon on the other hand tries his best to drag Haemon his son away from Antigone and their marriage. In the end Ismene won t come, and Haemon dies so, something they are doing is wrong. They also look at death in the same way. Antigone doesn t care about dying, because she would like the afterlife better, Creon doesn t care if she dies, because she disobeyed him, and he doesn t really like her. Antigone and

Creon, are both different in ways also. First of all the easy ones, Creon is a guy Antigone is a girl. Antigone can t take orders from Creon and Creon can t take orders from Antigone. Antigone wants to bury her brother even though Creon says it is illegal. Also Creon wants the best for himself, and Antigone can only think about others. Creon only wants to please himself not to let Polynieces to be buried. Antigone is only going against Creon because she wants to bury her brother so he can have a better afterlife. She wants Polynieces to benefit not herself. See now that you have taken a look the likes and dislike, you see that the likeness of each other are greater than the differences. I found it easier to see that Antigone and Creon think alike have about the same personality

and basically don t care. What a match!