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winter is the time of year in which the biggest test is set forth for earth?s creation. In the same way this is the biggest test on Creon?s capacity as rule. Winter also reminds us of the story of Demeter, Persephone, and Hades. In this story Hades takes Persephone away from her mother. Demeter is very upset and searches for Persephone, but while she searches she neglects earth, her realm, this is when winter occurs. The earth turns cold and barren causing all living plants and crops to die destroying all that which she created. Likewise one could argue that Creon is upset at Antigone?s taking of Haemon, although not physically, she has taken him away in that he no longer follows his father blindly. He is defying and disrespecting Creon by questioning and suggesting that his

decision is wrong. Creon is so distraught that it causes him to be blinded by anger and enraged so that he makes the mistake of causing death to all that which he treasures and helped create, his son and his wife. A king when first placed in power has the task of proving his strength and wisdom to his followers, only this will obtain their respect. He can be greatly discredited by someone that questions his judgment and knowledge, especially if done publicly. Antigone did just that she knew of the kings decree and she outright disobeyed it and then when caught she went as far as saying that his decree was invalid in this case because the law of the gods ruled. After this blatant act of disrespect by someone in his own family he now has his son telling his that he is wrong and

unjust. These are all good reasons for Creon?s rage, yet Haemon is right in saying what is stated above: a person filled with anger and feelings of inadequacy will act rash and this could be their downfall. Many kingdoms before have fallen because of selfishness and people being unable to acknowledge their mistakes. After all a city is only as strong as its king but it works visa versa in that a king with no country is just a power crazy fool. Creon can either lead a people who hold him dear, or loose his people and family. I guess we all know which he chose!