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Antigone Essay, Research Paper Fate Of A Life Suicide is still an action that takes many lives every year. Alternatives are open for people with this mental disorder when they contemplate this action. The question is how affective are these alternatives. My life has been revolving around suicide for almost five years. Here is my story, one that shows little to no hope on the issue. It s truly a feeling that nobody will ever feel or even begin to know how to describe. I would rather be shot in the leg then go through this mental trauma. The feelings of loneliness and abandonment rise from the once tombs and begin to destroy my brain ever so slowly. My will for survival narrows to nothing, and my love for others is more then the love for myself. This is what it is like to be

depressed and suicidal . Suicide is not wrong. You may say otherwise but until you are I and understand my thoughts and feelings, you have no right to tell me I am wrong. My current dilemma is one demonstrated by the extreme love for another. The attraction for this young woman is greater then any previous attractions. I think of her more than all the time. Time is no instance when I m thinking of her because it seems eternal. A part of me becomes blissful when I mentally draw her face and remember how high-spirited I am around that indescribable face. Then there is the evil side, the side that eats at me mentally and takes away my will and strength for survival. The mental picture of her exquisiteness is still there but thoughts of cheating, abandonment, and change among others

always linger. It is these thoughts that act like a wild fire that has progressed so far the only time you are able to control it is when it has fulfilled its undertaking of destruction. These thoughts to me are no longer thoughts; they have become an evil force placed upon me with no means of eliminating or managing its presence. Suicide lingers in the back like a hunter camouflaged into the forestry waiting for its prey. Instead of telling me that medication, therapy, and brief hospitalizations will help me why don t you show me. So far I have not been proven to believe you. I truly believe that this evil force is greater and smarter then any of these treatments and that is why they are not working. I have been on various arrangements and doses of medications yet none have ever

changed me enough to discontinue these unhealthy actions. Hospitalizations have become a joke where it seems like the health industry would rather make money then truly help someone in need. As kind as my therapists have been and enlightening their ideas and analysis, when I walk out from their office it is like nothing ever took place and those sessions were meaningless. Suicide is a solution to kill off this evil force, which is slowly taking over my life and making it miserable. To you and many others, suicide is an unacceptable way of relieving such pain. My one sole response to that statement is at least it is a solution with a high expectation to be successful. This force is one rooted by the behaviors of others upon myself. For example, when I learned that I was lied and

cheated upon by another, the evil force comes to life. The chosen behavior of the partner to lie and deceive caused this force to incarnate once again and thus result in the painful mental processes associated with it. Many times however in the past and present, the link continues to include another phase where the painful mental processes when entirely out of control become behaviors. These behaviors can range from anger (shouting) to suicidal actions and anything in between. This is a description of a relationship, mine however just have unpleasant outcomes instead of jovial ones. The problem faced with my relationships is I am missing the defense process where I tend not to evaluate the situation at hand and make a healthy decision. For example, when cheated on or treated like