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give. Creon’s decree is simply an error of judgment, but it is perfectly understandable for him to do so. “An Athenian strategos is time of war held extraordinary judicial power and could put to death without trial any man under his command whose conduct he considered treasonous,” according to Calder. After all, Creon is the king, and the laws that he makes are meant to be obeyed. Even if they are of questionable moral judgment. It is Creon’s interactions with Antigone that show the central issue: the conflict between moral laws and human laws. In the end, moral law supersedes human law, and Creon suffers as a result. Creon’s tragic suffering is what turns him into the hero. Sophocles thereby forces the reader to feel sympathy toward him. While feeling this sympathy,

the reader also learns not to make the same mistakes Creon did, to avoid being stubborn and unwilling to compromise. Those characteristics have been shown to signify great suffering and destruction. Bibliography 1. Gillespie, Sheena and Fonseca, Terezinha and Sanger, Carol A.-3rd ed. (2001).Literature across cultures, Allyn & Bacon, Antigone 953-981 2. Aristotle. Poetics, XIII.3-6 3. Calder, William M. III (1968). Sophokles’ Political Tragedy, Antigone.GRBS 9, 389-407 4. Hogan, James C. (1972). The Protagonists of the Antigone.Arethusa 5, 93-100 5. Sophocles (1991).Antigone (David Grene, Trans.) University of Chicago Press. 6. Sophocles (1902).Antigone (Richard Jebb, Trans.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.