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that does not give us the right to ignore his laws or the laws of this country. By the way she treats her sister in the very beginning for not wanting to be an active and willing participant in their brother s burial, one can tell she is definitely a strong-willed individual ready to stand up for what she believes in at all costs. Even when her sister says she will help but wants to remain a silent partner, Antigone refuses to let her help because she wants to be known for what she has done. Ismene seems to have a change of heart when she is brought to the king. She sees that Antigone is caught and decides to take part of the blame for what has happened but Antigone will not let her. Ismene acted courageously and in much the same way Antigone did, at least out of the same kind of

love for her siblings. Ismene was willing to risk her life to take some of the blame off her sister and with her change of heart came some kind of guilt for having done nothing to help her brother. At least Ismene had the common sense enough to know not to break laws and go boasting about it. The fact is laws are made for a reason, be it good or bad. Even if we think now that the laws back then are far-fetched, they are the laws made to fit the times and should not be broken. The law may seem to be unjust to us in today s society but that does not give anyone the right to create their own laws to live by. Which is why I have to keep my viewpoint that Antigone deserved her penalty because she knew what she was in for if she continued with her plan of burying her brother. Creon was

also faced with a hard decision. He had to try please his people, even though he wasn t doing an effective job, yet hurt one of his family members by punishing her for her wrongdoing, much like what s going on in modern day life with the election. Bill Clinton has to please his people, especially now while he is campaigning for votes, yet he is faced with the dilemma of having to pardon his wife Hilary for her involvement of the Whitewater scandal, if she is indeed convicted. In a sense Mr. Clinton is punishing his wife in an indirect way if he does not pardon her. Going against family is the hardest thing to do for many people. While speaking with Antigone, Creon seemed to become flustered by the fact that she was speaking to him with such strong emotion, bordering on disrespect

according to him. Back then women did not have any more rights than the slaves did and to be talked to in such a powerful way by a woman was just unheard of, especially to a ruler. That, I believe, made Creon even more angry with Antigone that I am sure erased any doubt from his mind that punishing her so severely might not be a good idea. Creon also felt betrayed by the fact that he took Ismene into his home and cared for her only to be paid back by her lying to him and trying to protect her sister. Being put in the position to punish his niece would have caused him unneeded stress in a time when the land was stricken with such despair that would have made him all the more disgusted with Antigone.