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to that of the gods and no man alone is strong enough to contest their wrath. Creon now sees all the fruits of his labor, after his “blindness” has vanished, however, the price, which was paid, was to great for even Creon to bear. He has descended from his Hubris into a meaningless and worthless life. For he may have won the battle against Antigone, he has lost everything that is worth living for. As one may see, Creon has descended from grace. He has met the “requirements” of a tragic hero in that he has experienced Hubris, Hamartia, and an Anagnorisis. He was once king of Thebes with everything in life to be happy for, but due to a relentless, egotistical attitude of his own superiority, he has lost everything to live for. Through his perils and travails, Creon is the

true definition of a tragic hero. However, for what reasons would one wish to be a tragic “hero” if all which results is misery? Bibliography Porter, Howard N. “The Theatre Recording Society Production Folio on Sophocles’ Antigone.” New York. Caedmon Records.