AntiFederalists Essay Research Paper AntiFederalists were people

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Anti-Federalists Essay, Research Paper Anti-Federalists were people who opposed the ratification of the Constitution. They believed strongly that the Constitution would not be able toe maintain a system of republican government because the Federalists were proposing a government that was the opposite of what they believed in. Anti-Federalists believed that the greatest power should be placed in the legislature, composed of representatives elected by the people of the community. Although, this governing would not work because it was meant for small communities of citizens that had the same interests and beliefs making it easier to agree upon their common welfare. Anti-Federalists knew that the government the Federalists were proposing was a government that was the opposite of

what they believed in. They believed that this system would eventually pose a threat to the rights of the people. Anti-Federalists believed that the Constitution had many flaws. The Constitution gave too much power to the national government at the expense of the powers of the state governments. Which did not allow the people to have their opinions voiced heavily. It gave too much power to the executive branch of the national government at the expense of the other branches. Which gave the president more power then the people, and allowed him to make the decisions. It gave Congress too much power because of the necessary and proper clause. Which only allowed Congress to pass the laws they thought were appropriate. It did not adequately separate the powers of the executive and

legislative branch. Which made it disorganized. It allowed the national government to keep an army during peacetime. Which became a threat to many states and other nations. It did not include a bill of rights, which would have stated the rights of people, and it should have been developed in meetings who proceedings were open to the public, which would have let the people s opinions been heard. Anti-Federalists feared the new national government would be a threat to their natural rights. They thought the only safe government was one that was local and closely linked with the will of the people and controlled by the people, by such means a yearly elections and by replacing people in key positions. Anti-Federalist were also worried about something even more important then the new

national government. They were worried about the rights of the people. The new constitution did not have a bill of rights. The Federalists realized this, and told the Anti-Federalists that it intentionally did not have a bill of rights because it was the states right to decide the rights of people. Later, they decided that the new Constitution did indeed need a bill of rights. Before Virginia decided to agree with the Constitution the state said that the Federalists were to devise a bill of rights as soon as it was ratified. The bill of rights was necessary to ensure the people of the states that their rights would not be violated in anyway. If the bill of rights had not been created the lack of responsibility and trust given to each state would have been lost and the people of

every state would be controlled and miserable.