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on the rise. More domestic positions are becoming available, and if trends continue, even more positions will be available in the future. These positions include an increasing number of jobs in the professional world, as opposed to exotic locations. The market of societies dictates so much of what happens in the capitalist world, and businesses want to know what is in demand. The skills possessed by an anthropologist make him or her the ideal candidate for a position in which they can study humans. As stated, as more companies realize this, more positions specially suited to them are created. It was also discussed that the ethical ideals, as well as problems anthropologists face have not undergone a tremendous change, even though the role of the anthropologist has. The well-being

and safety of the subject studied is still a main concern, regardless of the subject’s origin or lifestyle. The wishes and desires of the subjects must still be honored, and this sometimes leads to problems. Applied anthropologists of today have come full- circle; no longer do they study the foreign, but now study the local. Their positions in society are almost too many to mention, but the severe increase in the business world must be mentioned. It can be said that the discipline of anthropology covers a wide variety of tasks as well as overlapping with other fields of the social sciences, but that statement becomes more true with each passing year. 1. AAA 2000 “Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association”,

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