Anthrax In Other Words Death Essay

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Anthrax, In Other Words Death Essay, Research Paper Anthrax, in Other Words Death The Anthrax Bacterial Virus is very deadly. If the right precautions aren’t taken and any animal or human comes in contact with, it the infected one will suddenly become severely ill and then die within so many days. What this means is that before you come in contact with the virus, the Anthrax Bacterial Vaccination is highly recommenced, in case of any unwanted infections. The Anthrax Vaccine is not experimental or in the process of being investigated, it has been well studied for over 30 years. The vaccination has also licensed by the FDA sense 1970, this was for general use. The anthrax vaccine has been used safely to protect at – risk industrial and laboratory workers. The Anthrax

Bacteria Vaccine is also taken by Army officers, The Secretary of Defense, High Officials, and The Secretary of the Army. Wouldn’t you think it is very bizarre that all these important Army personal are taking the vaccination and the privates and unidentified are the ones who refuse to take the shot? ( The reason for this is because majority of the unidentified Army people follow the gossip and the word on the street, which is a myth!) The Anthrax Vaccination will not cause any major reproductive problems for a male or female. The problems that have occurred is due to other mishaps of the human body. It is not cancer causing either. Antibiotics are not effective against the any forms of the Anthrax, but the Anthrax shot will protect everyone if taken properly. this is not only

for farm animals it is for humans and all sorts of animals. Think about it all you have to do is get a annual booster shot to maintain immunity after the six shot series. This will protect you against all known strains of anthrax. It would be a very good idea if you were in contact or might be in contact with the virus. The vaccination is very safe and tested thoroughly, it will not cause any reproductive problems or problems to any other bodily system. ” Hey why would the Army officers and officials take the Anthrax Vaccination if it wasn’t approved and effective…? …only if they were getting paid”