Anthrax Essay Research Paper Anthrax is caused

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Anthrax Essay, Research Paper Anthrax is caused by the bacterium, Bacillus Anthracis and is a disease of sheep, cattle, horses, goats, and swine. Human infection is rare, but it is an occupational disease of farm workers, and veterinarians. The disease has a skin form and a pulmonary (lung) form. In the pulmonary form, infection is spread by breathing in the spores that germinate and cause pneumonia. The pneumonia develops rapidly and leads to progressive respiratory problems. In this form death can come to the infected with in 48 hours. Anthrax is a very serious infectious bacterial disease. The anthrax bacteria may be ingested through and animal?s water or food. Insects biting into an animal could also spread it. The bacteria may also,Bruland 2be inhaled by an animal, which

makes this disease very dangerous. Since the bacteria can be spread through the air, this disease can be spread extremely quickly through out a farm, killing many animals, with no warning. Rarely, animals may die without giving any indications of trouble before their death from anthrax.Some signs of animals that have been infected with anthrax are, staggering or going into convulsions very quickly. When infected the animal may bleed out of the mouth. Some of the signs of anthrax in people are a fever, general discomfort, uneasy feeling, headache shortness of breath cough, congestion of the nose and throat, joint stiffness and joint pain. The economic cost of this disease is high when a farm has been infected. Since the disease sometimes goes undetected, until the animal is dead,

it is impossible to treat the animal, so the animal dies. This costs Bruland 3the farmer a lot of money. When the disease is detected the cost comes from the treatment of the disease. Things, which someone should do if their herd is infected with anthrax, are consulting your veterinarian, check all livestock frequently, isolate affected animals, vaccinate healthy animals and move them off contaminated pastures.Things that a person should do in order to prevent further spreading of anthrax among their herd are burn infected carcasses, bedding and any material found around the carcass. And disinfect contaminated quarters with a 5-percent lye solution.Places which, Anthrax is commonly found are agricultural regions. These include South and Central America, Southern and Eastern

Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.