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already become dangerously thin and malnourished. Eating disorders in males may be more often overlooked because anorexia is rare in boys and men. Getting and keeping people with these disorders in treatment can be very difficult. Treatment is very important, the longer these abnormal eating patterns go on the more difficult it is to overcome the disorder. Families need to offer support and encouragement to help with the success of the treatment. People suffering from Anorexia are suffering from an interaction of emotional and physiological problems. Treatment must involve a variety of different doctors and approaches. Usually a treatment team will include an, internist, a nutritionist, and individual psychotherapist, and a pschopharmacologist (someone who is very knowledgeable

about medications useful in treating the disorder). Patients need to undergo psychotherapy that will teach the patient how to change abnormal thoughts and behavior. Some antidepressant medications may be effective when combined with other forms of treatment. (?Anorexia Nervosa,? Microsoft? Encarta? 98 Encyclopedia.) Treatment can save the life of someone with Anorexia. Friends, relatives, teachers, and physicians all play a role in helping the ill person start to get back to normal eating patterns and a normal life. 1. The Harvard Medical School Mental Health Letter, May 1998. ?Male Anorexia.? Internet Mental Health ( America Online. 2. ?Eating Disorders-Decade of the Brain.? America Online. 3. ?Mind and Body- Signs and

Symptoms- Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders.? America Online. 4. ?Anorexia Nervosa.? Wellness Web Homepage America Online. 5. ?Anorexia Nervosa,? Microsoft? Encarta? 98 Encyclopedia. ? 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation.