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Anorexia Essay, Research Paper Striving For Thinness Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that is growing rapidly all over the world. There are over seven million girls with this eating disorder in the Unites States alone. Why do these girls believe so deeply that thin is beautiful? These young women are longing for self approval through acceptance according to stereotype. Where does this thin stereotype come from? The fashion industry is being accused by society for the sudden need to be perfect beyond the average girl?s reach, but the fashion industry is not taking the blame. Can society put the guilt on the fashion industry because of the publication of photographs of thin girls? Several possible reasons for this disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, are puzzling doctors, and

leave me searching for a solution. Obviously young women are longing for self approval through acceptance in a shallow and stereotypical world. Can we blame poor family dynamics, is the media promoting mental illness by publicizing thinness, or is Anorexia Nervosa an unlucky catch from the family gene pool? I began researching with an open mind before I decided who or what was to blame for millions of young women everywhere denying their bodies food. Forming an opinion seemed easy because of the awe given to the media, but surprisingly the stand I took didn?t accuse millions of models and actors who appeared to be flawless. Young women are not developing Anorexia Nervosa simply because of societal pressures to meet unreachable ideals. Women are getting this eating disorder for

reasons beyond media stereotypes. Does the fashion industry cause most of these girls to an eating disorder? Millions of girls read fashion magazines, but it is not common to see an overweight person modeling the latest styles. These magazines are showing photos of extremely skinny women and making obvious efforts to accent this feature. In advertisements, these stick figure women wearing tiny shorts and bikinis ?shows a boyish figure and a rather sickly demeanor.? The fashion industry claims that ?there was a time when (models) were voluptuous, but today?busty and voluptuous won?t sell.? This new standard for thinness is almost impossible for most people to meet. The result of this is that ?1 in 10 college students suffer to a significant degree? (Darton D2). These models seem

to be making girls believe one has to be extremely thin to be desired. People are saying the cause of Anorexia Nervosa among girls is the effect of the photographs of slim girls in ads. This is not a stereotype or trend the fashion industry is trying to make. It is simply the current vision photographers and fashion designers choose to portray at this certain time. The girls chosen for these pictures seem to be naturally thin. The fashion industry claims that they eat normally as well as live normal lives. ?But can eating disorders be explained away by media imagery? If magazines stop publishing pictures of slim girls, will we all feel okay about our bodies?? (Gaudoin 75). Can people blame photos for bad eating habits of society? Thin women fill the pages of magazines and are

seen everyday on the television. Being thin is not only a fantasy or an illusion, but the only illusion is thinking that these women only exercise and eat one small meal a day. Most models, actress?s, and actors are naturally trim. If they did not eat a lot of good food, they would not have the stamina necessary to maintain a successful career in their industry. If girls obsessed with being thin would consider that food is the key to a healthy and beautiful person, maybe we can stop blaming the media for bad personal eating habits. Woman have come a long way in today?s world and get a taste of equality in almost everything women now do. How can a woman believe they are confident when they are uncontrollably striving to look like the thin girls in magazines or on television. In