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Anorexia Essay, Research Paper Anorexia It would seem today that eating disorders are on the rise. While this may be true, the numbers may appear to grow only because more cases are being brought out into the open. The purpose of this paper is to address eating disorders and prove that these diseases, specifically Anorexia Nervosa, continue to plague both sexes due to psychological and environmental factors along with pressure from the media. This paper will also briefly go into unseen world of Anorexia in athletics, showing that eating disorders result from stress and pressure put upon the athletes by the coaches and the athletes themselves. I decided to write this paper not only because its and interesting subject, but because its a disorder that has affected millions

around the world. I feel that a paper that addresses Anorexia Nervosa would be beneficial not only to me, but to others if decided to be shared with others. In the essay ” A Certain Hunger” Maggie Helwig talks about the tragic life of self starvation and it spurs alot of this essay. Another important reason for the selection of this topic is the previous history that I have experienced with a past girlfriend of mine. I think by me writing a paper that brings out the truth behind anorexia would somewhat help me understand what she had been going through. This paper is relevant to nutrition because the disorder directly affects the nutrition of the one with the disorder. A disorder of this type causes one to suffer from serious health problems from the lack of nutrients the

body needs, and anything that is taken in consideration when health and diet is included, to me is nutrition. One interpretation of an eating disorder is termed as a relationship between the person and food that appears abnormal (Costin, 1999). Anorexia Nervosa is one of the most prevalent eating disorder diseases. The word Anorexia itself means, “lack of appetite,” and as for the definition of Anorexia, Dr. Robinson gives an interpretation similar to this: Anorexia is an never ending pursuit of thinness, occurring most often in adolescents and young adult women. This is accomplished by avoidance of eating by any means possible. The person affected by Anorexia has an absolutely terrifying fear of becoming obese. In short, food becomes the enemy and one a weight. The person

feels “too fat” when in reality the person is terribly underweight. Anorexia Nervosa affects all kinds of people, especially teenagers, and is the third most common chronic illness that can be found in adolescent women (Costin, 1999). An estimated amount of between one-half percent and three percent of teenagers will be diagnosed with Anorexia (Costin, 1999). This may not sound like very many people until after this fact, but disorders. Also, Anorexia in males may not be as easily detectable, due to the misinterpretations of physicians in the patients’ diagnosis. Physicians may not be as aware of the cases found in men, and therefore rule out an eating disorder as something that has not yet occurred in men, being unaware that these cases do indeed affect males (Costin,

1999). Much of the same risk factors of an eating disorder may be found in both men and women. Looking at the psychological perspective, a few reasons can be seen. There are people who have personality disorders such as obsessive-compulsive problems like perfectionism, obsession with appearances, and weight. A person such as this can often be seen standing in front of a mirror for extended periods of time, is often critical of his or her physical appearance and is afraid to lose control of what is going on in day to day life. Low self-esteem, depression, stress and anxiety are also major reasons why a person might suffer from an eating disorder. The effects of surroundings or environment can greatly influence eating disorders. The family also plays a major role, since close