Annual Driving Tests For Senior Citizens Essay

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Annual Driving Tests For Senior Citizens Essay, Research Paper David 1 David “Bucky” Stewart Ms. Warren English 1101 3 December 1999 Annual Driving Tests for Senior Citizens One problem when driving on the roads is when a person runs across another person who should not be driving a car. Quite often, the person that should not be driving is an older person. The problem occurs when the older people can not handle the car that he or she is driving. Statistics have shown that older are involved in a high percentage of wrecks when compared to other age groups. I feel that an annual driving test should be required for everyone once he or she reaches a certain age. Many people may say that the age chosen is arbitrary. I feel that once a person is old enough to retire, he or she

should be required to take an annual driving test. Most people retire because he or she has worked for many years and does not have to work anymore. Why not give the people, who do not need to work, an annual driving test to see if he or she still needs to be driving? I hope I can convince the older people, that may need to take an annual driving test, that an annual driving would be a very good idea. This argument clearly has two sides. One side is the side that feels that an annual driving test for people that have reached a certain age would help make the roads safer. The people on the “driving test for older people” side also believe that an annual will get many unsafe drivers off the roads. The opposing side is the side that feels that an annual driving test is not

needed. The opposing side may also feel that an annual driving test David 2 would be a waste of time. I am siding with the people for an annual driving test. My side is good because the annual driving test will help get people that can not drive safely off the roads. Many dangerous drivers would not be allowed to drive if he or she can not pass the annual driving test. My first evidence is the fact that many older people can not handle a car physically. My first fact is true because many older people become weaker with age and diseases like arthritis set in.Not being able to handle a car physically would greatly increase the chances of having a wreck. Secondly, because of a decline in vision, many older people may not be able to see other cars. If an older person can not see the

cars around him or her, he or she is more likely to hit the other cars that are nearby. Next, as a human gets older his or her reaction time slows down in many cases. People with a slow reaction time would hit the car in front of him or her if the car in front of him or her had to stop suddenly. My last argument is that some older people’s minds tend to wander more as he or she gets older. In many cases, diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease will effect a person’s jugdment, possibly impairing him or her from driving. A person could run a redlight and possibly hit another person if he or she is not paying attention or if his or her mind is wandering The other side may say that the test is unnecessary because he or she is quite capable of handling a car physically. This is a

true statement, but the test is not designed to punish the people who can handle a car. The test takes driving privileges away from people who can not handle a car. Another argument the other side may use is that glasses can be bought to fix a vision problem. This is also a true statement in most cases. There are some cases, like my grandfather, where the vision problem can not be corrected in any David 3 way. A good argument for the opposing side may be that older people can tell when he or she needs to stop driving. This solution would be the best solution except that people tend to be biased when judging himself or herself. Often, older people are stubborn about when he or she has to judge himself or herself. I think most older people feel offended when people start to