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Annotated Bibliography Essay, Research Paper ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Alan Brinkley. ‘Liberty,Community and The National Idea’ Alan Brinkley is a professor of American history at Columbia University and the author of the The End of the Reform. This article is from The American Prospect Online which is a liberal newspaper. As long as it is a daily newspaper you don’t have to be an expert to understand the article. He talks about American liberalism, the argument between the communitarians and liberals, the individualist strain, community and nation, and the limits of communitarianism. He uses sources very much sometimes showing the lacking points in them and sometimes to prove his opinions. His sentences are long and the words he use are not so sofisticated. This article

is useful for my paper in understanding what communitarianism is what should be its limits. Sen. John F. Kennedy, acceptance of the New York Liberal Party Nomination John Kennedy who was an American President tells what liberalism is and tries to make the definiton of the word ‘liberal’ clear. After that definition he says he’s proud to be a liberal in that sense. He talks about their roots of liberalism and their goals for the country with the help of liberalism. As he was a president reader should not be an expert to understand it. He uses other people’s words like the words of Winston Churchill. This is not a detailed work and sentences are very clear. It helped me to understand the word liberalism better in order to use for my paper. Walter Williams. ‘ Nations Must

Shift To Sensible Liberalism’ Walter Williams is a professor in University of Washington’s Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs and author of ‘ Honest Numbers and Democracy ‘. This article is from Seattle Times which is again a liberal newspaper. The writer gives reasons about why nations must shift to sensible liberalism. He explains who realistic and sensible liberals are. He agrees that considerable state intervention is required and gives reasons why it’s like that. He also talks about left liberalists. You shouldn’t be an expert to read it. Ideas and sentences are very clear; words aren’t sophisticated. He uses other professors’ books as his sources. Topics are explained in detail. This article was useful for my paper because it talks about the kind of

liberalism I believe and that’s also what left liberals believe, in that sense it became easier for me to prove my opininos. Harold Meyerson. ‘ Why Liberalism Fled The City…’ Harold Meyerson is executive editor of L.A Weekly and a member of Dissent editorial board. This article is from the American Prospect Online which is a liberal newspaper. He explains the political decay of American liberalism by giving city examples. He gives reasons about why liberal politics collapsed in great cities. He also talks about individual and community, the urban liberal prospect, and the new order and its discontents. This is a very detailed article wtih lots of datas, sentences are long and complicated. It gives a lot of information about mayor elections in USA with lots of statistics.

One should have an idea of USA in order to understand the article clearly. The part that talks about ‘the individual and communtiy’ helped me to understand the relationship between them better. Encyclopaedia Britannica. ‘Liberalism’ This is taken from an encyclopedia and really makes a person to understand what liberalism is. It gives the definiton of liberalism and then explains the historical background of liberalism, liberal conflicts of interest, liberal formula, contemporary liberalism, the liberal program, the future of liberalism and the changing nature of liberalism. It’s very detailed but every reader can understand it. All the topics necessary for understanding an ideology is included. It’s also very well organized. We can find a lot of examples, datas and