Annexation In Texas

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Annexation In Texas – The Basics Essay, Research Paper The legal authority of Texas cities to annex, and the reasons Texas has been a liberal annexer as well as why the pace of annexation has slowed since 1970 are numerous. In retrospect, this paper will discuss and bring to the table some of the finer points of these statements. Annexation was, for a long time, a typical proceeding in Texas. Everything from anthropomorphic ideologies to governmental necessities is typically discussed amongst the municipalities and councils that govern and operate Texas cities, as to why a specific place should be annexed. In the earliest days, this country was founded by Masonic people who believed firmly in a tenant called E pluribus Unum, meaning from many one. As this statement

suggests, we were the formational creation from many states into one consistent union. Annexation works pretty much the same way, in that a larger body envelops and consumes the smaller one into itself, so that the larger may prosper. As could be said of the residents in our own city of Houston, Bellaire was only recently annexed to the dismay and objection of its citizens. This would preclude to the ideology of Thomas Aquinas, inasmuch as he discussed Veritatis Splendor Aterna Infernum, meaning the splendor of truth is an eternal hell. The truth being that the residents of Bellaire did not really have any coinciding choice in the matter, and thence having to live through the hell of Houston politics as an example of Texas annexation. The ending outcome for this meant for them

that their police department, waste disposal, and fire departments would now be governed by Houston as a whole. In the 1970 s the Texas laws changed yet again, not allowing anyone to annex larger amounts of land and thus throwing the governing bodies to a significant halt. During the 70 s, Texas cities maintained their tax base through annexation of land and subsequently when the free flowing waters of taxes began to halt so the cities started to decay, very similar in nature to the dilapidation of the North. Also, as a major consequence for government here in Texas (both at the state and local levels, respectively), was to preserve the health of the states major cities in the face of economic and demographic change. With this in mind, our viewpoints were redirected during that

period towards the consummation of our cities, and in turn, allowed the cities in Texas to grow and rebirth. We desired and autonomously wanted to be liberal annexers for the basic reason that we had seen a easy way out and a easy way to attain more power and prestige . The only problem was that it backfired. Annexed constituents created angry voters, who in turn made it their life long goal to get the current powers that be out of office, as well as trying to maintain an already failing economy in the face of expansion. It was kind of like the people saying Look, we have six kids in our household, and we want to be a larger family so we can be more prestigious , and then adding more mouths to feed per say, without even having the proper capital for it. In conclusion, our

reproach as far as the liberalism within our annexation is affected is duly noted, considering the times and changes that Texas has undergone since the 1970 s. Texas annexation is, as far as I m concerned, generally and typically a good thing in moderation, but thankfully we have the bills that were passed in the 70 s that consequently will not allow us to add 200 more kids to the Texas table.