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Anne Frank Journal Essay, Research Paper Journal #1 I think that when Mr. Frank, Mrs. Frank, Anne, and Margot needed to hide from the Nazis in Mr. Kraler loft in his factory the living conditions were so appalling. They only had two rooms and one space for Peter to sleep in. I feel it is amazing how two families, the Franks and the Van Daans, and one dentist, Mr. Dussel, could live together for such a extensive time and still remain sane. Also, I think that the fact all of the children, Peter, Anne, and Margot had to leave everything they had and live with such a great responsibility when hiding. I believe it must have been extremely hard to stay perfectly quiet and somewhat still for the ten hours the factory was filled with workers. In addition Miep, a young women, had the

courage and the ability to care for twp families and a dentist while running Mr. Kraler s factory. Journal #2 I was amazed how when Miep brought the two families and Mr. Dussel a New Years cake and when cutting it, they fought over who was given who bigger pieces. This lack of food resulted in Mr. Van Daan stealing bread from the food storage. I was purely shocked how he would steel to feed himself when his child and the Frank s children are starving. Thus resulted in Mrs. Frank exploding at the Van Daans and demanding that they leave. I thought her actions were justified because him stealing essential food was intolerable. I was suspecting Anne and Peter to relate sooner or later, but I thought it would have taken much less time for them to relate and feel comfortable together.

I never suspected Peter and Anne to kiss and take their relationship to a higher level. Journal #3 I was saddened when I found out at the end that when Anne and the rest of the families in the hideout were arrested and taken to concentration camps. What really upset me was that just before Anne s concentration camp was liberated, she gave up the will to live and passed on. Her father seemed crushed when he found out the news of his family s death. In my opinion, the quote The Diary of Anne Frank is a living tribute to the dignity, courage, and perseverance of the human spirit, really means that the hardships explained in Anne s diary shows how much a human can go through and how after one can go through so much horrible things and still keep their spirits high. An incident of

this is when Anne was at her lowest point, but the news of the invasion at Normandy brought up her spirits as well as the rest of the group.