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inhumanity that no human should have to go through. Anne Frank was a girl who lived with her family during the time of while the Nazis took power. She only kept her diary while hiding from the Nazis. This diary told the story of horror that the Nazis carried out. Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for many years, writing what happened day by day in her life. She was torn away from her happiness and placed into the harsh and cruel reality of the Nazi’s realm at only thirteen years of age. The Jews were show all this hate only because she was Jewish. She stayed locked up in the top level of the warehouse with her family and another for almost twenty-five months, never being able to step foot outside. Such cruelty and life of fear would make almost any teenager completely depressed and

more miserable than words can say. Anne Frank managed to keep her hope for a better tomorrow and her respect for the human race a feat so great for such a young girl. Anne made a very powerful statement in her last words in her beloved diary. To truly believe such a thing after being abused by the Nazis is quite remarkable, indeed. I am very sure that most people, including myself, I know would never even be able to begin to forgive a group of people that have caused so much killing and hate. But Anne was able to look beyond all of that which shows how she had a good heart and for that I really respect her. 31c