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Anne Frank 3 Essay, Research Paper Anne Frank Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl going through hard times during World War II, writes in her diary about her thoughts and feelings relating to her life from her own prospective. Anne writes from an attic where she is hiding from the Nazi s. This is a book report on Anne Frank, Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. This report will cover the plot, setting, characters, and my all in all opinion regarding the book. Crimes everywhere, starving people, and a tense and stressful time it was in Amsterdam, Holland. This is where the setting takes place. During the anti-Semitic World War II (the 1940 s) Anne and her family hid in a small attic above a warehouse. It was a very gloomy time both inside and outside the attic. Many people were

unhappy and sad for many reasons. For example in the tiny attic, people see each other too much for too long. Many of the attic members had no privacy; for instance Anne had to share a room with another person. These times were very depressing for everybody and they were like this for many years. The main character in this book is Anne Frank. Anne Frank is a young Jewish girl that is very smart. Anne is a talkative girl that is very opinionated. She is a chatterbox and she very likes to speak her mind so therefore she is very honest. She has many changing relationships with the other attic members. The attic member include the Frank family the Van Dann family and Dussel, a dentist. Anne starts to dislike Dussel and Anne starts to love Peter Van Dann. Many relationships grow and

many relationships decrease. Anne is very lonely during her stay in the attic because she even used her diary as her best friend. Anne was a scared person and came over it because she was very courageous. The book, Anne Frank, Diary of A Young Girl, is about a young Jewish who writes her thoughts and feelings during World War II. Anne and her family go into hiding from the Nazi s in an attic. Anne goes through difficult periods of time whether it was relationships or if it was her self-confidence. Anne discovers maturity in times that she discovers depression. Anne is very smart and holds up through more than two years seeing nobody but her family and the other attic members. Anne writes everything that you could think possible that could happen to a young girl like her. Anne

Frank is a person that is courageous, self-reliant and, intelligent person. I think that she is a great person other than her wandering mind. I thought that she like to talk too much, especially in her diary. I thought that the book was okay. It was very educational and it was interesting. I recommend this book to everybody that interested in learning both about life and about life during World War II because it is a book that you can learn a lot from.