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Anne Bradstreet Essay, Research Paper Anne Bradstreet was one of the first female poets in the early Americas. She wrote The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America in 1650, and this collection of poems is considered the first book of original poetry written in colonial America. In her Poems she talks about her love of God, and her respect for life. Although some of Bradstreet s verse is conventional, most of it is direct and shows a sensitivity to beauty. Anne Bradstreet often mentions her love and respect for God throughout her poems. In her poem The Flesh and The Spirit, she describes a conversation she believes a person s flesh and spirit would be having over the earthly desires. The spirit is trying to convince the flesh that it doesn t need to live for the world s

desires. This poem describes the way she believes all people should live, with a true love for God, and not the fleshly desires, and sinful pleasures. This conversation relates to the fighting back and forth that happens when a person is trying to figure out whether or not he/she should do something bad; in a sense, it is their conscience fighting with their desires. At the end of the poem Bradstreet describes heaven to the flesh, trying to entice it to good by the riches of heaven. In the last line, Take thou the world, and all that will, the spirit is telling the flesh that that the world is all his, and the spirit doesn t want to have anything to do with it. I think that this conversational poem is a great way to get across her beliefs. It does a good job of telling the reader

how she feels about heaven. I like this poem because it describes a way that a person could go about telling another person about their love of God. I also like the way it describes Heaven, as being More glorious than the glist ring sun. She uses words that make the reader able to see what she is describing in their minds, while still leaving a part of it to their longing imagination, that makes them want to see this place for themselves. Another poem that shows her love for God, is Upon the Burning of Our House. In the second stanza, she says that she cried out to God, asking him to strengthen her in her distress, and not to leave her without a sense of being taken care of. She trusted her life to the Lord, and because of that, she felt that he would help her through all the

trials and temptations in her life. She fully believes that the Lord will help her heart to feel at peace while her house is burning down right in front of her. In the seventh stanza, Bradford talks about how her wealth doesn t abide on earth, but in Heaven. She ends the poem saying farewell to her house, but she knows that her treasure and hope lie above, so she trusts the Lord did what needed to be done. She also describes a little bit of heaven in the eighth stanza of this poem. Through her many mentions of God, and of Heaven, she shows how high they were held to be in her society in the early American colonies. I like that she is telling the readers how the early colonists made the foundation of the United States on their belief in God. I like the way she states her belief

openly that she totally trusts God with her whole heart and soul, and that she writes about it so openly. It was common to write about it then, but for her poems that mention God so lovingly to be read so much in schools today is surprising, because the schools try to stay as far away from the subject of Christianity as they can get. Bradstreet also leads her readers to believe that she holds the beauty of life very highly. In her poem, In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who deceased August 1665 Being a Year and a Half Old, she describes many instances of things when their seasons come to an end, they fall, or die. She states in the last line that the Lord guides nature and fate. She is sorrowful that her grandchild died, but she believes that her season on